My Kingdom for a Horse!

I swear, the moment you start to think things start calming down, all hell breaks loose.

My husband and I just moved across country a month ago.  It’s been a roller coaster of up and down the last 30 some odd days.  WoW has been great to just log in and have something that I could connect with people I know that are there.  The awesome thing is we uprooted our lives to come back to an area where we have family and friends.  Sometimes though, especially when everything changes, you need something familiar.

Then Blizzard put in the pre patch and all bets were off on things being familiar. 😀

I did get a chance to get back in to UBRS and get the first boss figured out.  Hallows Eve has started and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I finally get a mount.  Wishing and hoping but as my luck is, that probably won’t happen.  I look at Dereus who is still farming for that thing, with 9 or 11 90’s?  I have a grand total of 4?  4 and a 1/2 because the 89 Shaman can go too!

Connection issues have been a horrible problem for me the last week.  Silent got in there to heal it and promptly disconnected.  Soon as I got back in, the event was over and my chance was spent.  Seems to happen a lot on her, which is really getting frustrating.  More so since we’re back to our normal raiding schedule.

I made the mistake of queuing with Synata to tank it for a fast queue before I checked to see if her stuff was all the same.  Thankfully, I just had to spec in to Sacred Shield and for the most part, nothing hugely different with her.

My priest looks the same as well.  It’s been years since I looked at healing on her, so Shadow still looks pretty alright and self explanatory.

The monk still looks the same too.  I haven’t played her too much to really know a huge difference between what’s changed and what hasn’t.  Since Qale is a monk, I have listened to him enough to know that it’s “Fists of Fury” any time you can.  I still like spinning in circles, but that’s me.

And since I’ve been playing my shaman lately, the biggest thing to remember on her is that Hey!  I can be the one to pop heroism!  Where is that button again?

Still no luck so far on that mount.  I have gotten that sword on the characters that can’t use it.  Syn actually got the helm, but amazingly, I actually have better.  Who would have thought since she’s been sitting on long.  Either Silent or Fae got the helm as well, but fat lot of good that does them, right?

Speaking of which, I should log them all in and try my hand today.  Wonder if Fae will ding 90 off it today?

The Iron Horde Invasion and the Human Form

Today was the day and after an hour delay and close to two hours on my end to patch, 6.0.2, The Iron Tide is live.  The end of our Siege of Ogrimmar raid was pretty emotional with all the ups and downs our rag tag group of folks have had to endure and put up with this expansion.  Those of us that stuck it out with our group from flex to normal ended up being 18% away from the Garrosh kill.  Some of us stayed late to try to get another group going, but it wasn’t meant to be this expansion.  Sad, but I wouldn’t trade the solid folks we got there near the end for anything and I’m still happy to be their healer and sometimes their crap DPS when we need it.

There’s been a lot of talk with the new specs if I’d be able to even log on today.  Things are blurry and a little slow, but I can get around and check it out.  The MacBook Pro is running really hot, but it’s stable at least.

I’ve always really enjoyed the events leading up to the expansions.  Some of my characters still have the undead slaying garments and stones from the invasion before Naxxaramas was released in Vanilla.  Using the plague before Wrath of the Lich King was how some of my Horde friends and I traded without the use of the neutral auction house.  Since the computer decided it wanted to cooperate, I got to log in and check out the Iron Horde Invasion on Silentsong.

Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  /shift

What the derp?  Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. /shift forms

Even knowing the stat squish was coming, it was still a shock to see her go from over 700k down to 75k.  No more healer bear tanking bombs.  It was a bigger shock seeing her human form.  Not that I ever really had her out of worgen form anyways, but now I most definitely will not.  Is it just me or do the human female models just look look like dumpy cherubs?  Big eyes.  Big noses.  Big lips.  What happened to variety?  Worst part for Silent is that you can’t customize both looks.  You get your worgen looking how you want her, then your human half is stuck looking like whatever the equivalent is.  Again, at least I can stay in worgen form and not have to look at it, but I’m not so lucky with my paladin.  /shudder

Our main tank and I were talking about switching some roles around with our alts while we try to make sure we have at least one alt on par with our mains and I had just about convinced myself to give Paladin healing a try since we haven’t had one for ages, until I saw Synata’s face.  I tried to fix Synata’s face and I’m still not happy with it.  /rage  I’ll save those pictures for another day.

But ugly facials aside, the event.  The plan was to just heal Qaletaqaa while he punched everything but there was just nothing to heal.  His monk just tears through them too fast and casting Rejuvination was kind of boring so I took a look at the Balance side of things.  I’m not too impressed with that either.  The sliding lunar and solar bars continually going just bugs me.  It looks like I’d spend more time trying to time when to cast something than actually doing any damage and half of my buttons have disappeared.  It almost reduces you down to just moonfire spamming.  I do like the change to astral form.  It looks pretty good.  (Looks over play style, what can I say? 🙂  I think Cat will be returning in the form of damage this expansion.  I’ll have to test it out on my little feral Horde Druid.

We spent way too much time chatting in Stormwind.  Aren't we a nice looking trio?  (Lightlink, Silentsong, Qaletaqaa)

We spent way too much time chatting in Stormwind. Aren’t we a nice looking trio? (Lightlink, Silentsong, Qaletaqaa)

The event quest line doesn’t take too long.  Trying to find the areas takes a bit longer than the quests themselves.  Waiting out your flag after getting blown up for flying into the Horde’s camp by accident makes it take just a little bit longer.  (Guilty of doing this.  >.>)  Blasted Lands is crawling with both Horde and Alliance along with the Iron Horde but we some how managed to run in to one of our raid friends Lightlink who joined us for the rest of the quests.  Cat is convinced she’s a he, but cat gets things wrong.  Or maybe it’s the other way around…

All in all, it’s a nice setup for the expansion.  The Iron Horde are working with the Ogres in Blasted Lands.  Those blasted Iron Stars are everywhere and I have had enough of those things from the Garrosh fight to last me at least three expansions, but Blizzard knows what they’re doing, right?  🙂  You’ll find yourself with about 100 extra gold and a new pet once you finish up the quest line.  Two new pets, if the mobs drop the Bronze whelp.

We did take a moment to check out Upper Black Rock Spire.  We spent about 15 minutes afterwards trying to figure out why we didn’t have an achievement for it, but looks like we only get three bosses…for now.  Everything is much darker and grittier inside.  We’re still trying to work out how the first guy is supposed to work (thanks to the kind DK tank that solo’d him that last 100k) but the other two guys seemed pretty straight forward with don’t stand in stuff.  The first guy is like that, but there’s just so much not to stand in and not a lot of room to not stand in it.

Spoiler…one of my favorite Whelps is all grown up and makes an appearance in UBRS!  It’s a nice throw back to Vanilla WoW as he makes an appearance in the form of how the Red Dragon who’s quest you did for the ring would come in to help you with Rend Blackhand.  The “now grown up” whelp used to have a quest and story for you that led you to Winterspring and opened up a lot of leather working patterns.  As of a few days ago, he was still getting tortured and moaning pitifully in UBRS and would tell you a story, but wouldn’t send you on the quest line since the blue dragons in Winterspring were all but gone.  To see him all grown up and taking out the Iron Horde is a nice bit of justice for the guy, I think.

Stormwind Portal

Wonder where this will go?

While I haven’t been over the top about Warlords, I will say that I did run in to something that has me extremely excited now.  Just outside of the Mage District in Stormwind, a new portal has arrived.  Anyone that remembers the Emerald Dragon World Bosses and has hoped we would get an expansion dealing with the Emerald Dream, could this be a hint at something along those lines for us?  Certainly looks like there will be a flight path up there eventually so we’ll be going somewhere.  Next time I’m on Silentwing (the Horde Druid) I’ll check to see if there is something similar in or near Ogrimmar.

The quest is on to be able to get a rig that can run Warlords properly but in the mean time, it’ll be fun to tool around and see what happens.

Until then, may the great wolf spirit guide you.

-The Druid Lady, Silentsong