Rounds around Karazhan

IMG_0049I mentioned I got the Music roll drop from the Opera event in Karazhan.  While I was there, I figured I’d clear the whole thing for fun.  I’ve already got the mount and the pets and I’m sure the tier set is sittting somewhere in my Void Storage.  (At least parts of the PVP set are in there.)

Karazhan was always one of my favorite places.  It’s one of those intensive raids that just had so much diversity in it.  The Opera event alone when you never really knew what you were going to get until Barnes started his speecch.  (We still make fun of Romulo’s cries of something.)  Some fights took an amazing quest to unlock the boss (Nightbane.)  Others took a lot of coordination and Crowd Control to work (Moroes.)  Not going to lie, star falling the entire banquett hall and watching Moroes and his buddies just keel over made me have some warm fuzzy feelings.

And who couldd forget the music?

The storyline, in and out of game always had me hooked as well.  The questline for the key and the how the Keepers of Time Dungeon Black Morass helped shed more light in game on some of the lore that’s told out of game and it previous games…

I could probably go on and on.  I really liked Karazhan.

Of course, there are a few things that gets you thinking in there.  I’m not sure I remember why there were so many people in there continually partying.  (This is the same thing I want to know about Black Temple as well.)  Which is what inspired  this tweet:

I’m talking about Netherspite.  Anyone else remember their raid leaders hollering about the beams?  (Nighbane’s story is actually told in the questline that unlocked him.)

I sent that out a few days ago and didn’t really think about I too much.  I did find my copy of the Warcraft Archive and started rereading it again.

This morning, I woke up with an unexpected response.


Touche’ Medivh.  Touche’!  I will be jumping back in to the Last Guardian tonight when we all get back home.

Cheers everyone!

IMG_0052(PS- Apologis for the terrible formatting.  Figured I would update while we’re having a giant family day out at my parent’s house.  We’re technically about an hour away from home, in a snow storm, with our giant husky, while my sister is in from Texas with her boyfriend and his family.  Really fun day, but I didn’t think through the inability to format properly while on my iPad.  Oops!  I promise I will fix it later.

PPS- Officially fixed!  Cheers!)

6.1…so far

This will probably be an ongoing post as I get through more of the “content” being released.

No selfies from me.  Mainly because I haven’t had the quest pop up on Silent’s garrison mission.  I have linked it to my Twitter.  Sometimes I’m so forgetful of updating my Twitter feed (kind of like taking screenshots!) that I like that it’s been implemented.  As narcissistic as that probably sounds, keep in mind, I like it because I have a World of Warcraft Twitter feed so it has the potential to provide a good way for me to keep it updated.  So far though, only being able to Tweet Loot and achievements (and selfies?) probably means I won’t use it that much.  I’ve never been a fan of the “Look at my loot!” linking sprees that people get in to.  I know I linked pants yesterday, but only because I have been complaining about no pants dropping (insert giggle here) for a couple months now.

Garrison loading screen 6.1The new loading screen for the Garrison was a nice surprise!  How pretty!

A lot of new things for the Garrison came out in 6.1, aside from new missions, the most important being that the lady in my Alchemy hut finally sells Crystal Vials.  Trying to track down that one person in my Garrison that sold those was ridiculous.  You think they would have made the profession building actually sell the component needed to make flasks and potions from the start, right?  Not joking.  This was huge for me.  I was still taking myself to the Shrine to get vials because I couldn’t find her.  🙂

Actually, between Elder hunting and Old World Rep farming, the Jukebox is currently taking up a chunk of my time this week.  I love the music in this game.  It’s one of the main reasons I get the Collector’s Edition so I can have a copy of the sound track.  Being able to customize the Garrison just a bit more through music is pretty neat to me.  And the fact that the music drops coincide with me trying to build up some of my reputation with some Old World factions.

So far, I’ve been able to pick up Karazhan Opera House, Cold Mountain, Mountains, Shalandis Isle, Magic, Ghost, Faerie Dragon, and Lament of the Highborne.  The Dragon one was neat.  I’d never actually seen in it game so finding it and getting to watch it was pretty cool.

I’ll head to Black Temple today and try my luck in the arena for the Angelic one before I start hunting for more of the raid drops.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.50.54 AMIn other fun news…I finally bought it.  19,000 gold later, I bought the Traveler’s Tundra mount…because a girl’s got to sell stuff when she’s running old content. 🙂

Days with Dereus

Taking screen shots isn’t something I’m in the habit of doing.  Playing on a Mac, I always forget the keystroke combination to take one, mainly because there are several different ways to take one.

Going through the ones I have, I’ve found a lot that have to deal with silly things that happen with Dereus and I.  Silly things always happen with Dereus and I.  We call ourselves the Twins, since we seem to have a lot of similarities and we get along well enough that we’ve become pretty close.  We’re both a little absent minded, silly, and have a tendency to do things that we shouldn’t because we apparently need a nerf.  If we were both allowed to Paladin tank together, it is possible the raid would explode.

However, any time we do things together, odd things happen and there is a lot of giggling.  And when we start giggling, we really can’t stop.

ScreenShot2013-12-17at123052AMLike when the isle of Thunder was released and he was helping me with rep on Silent, somehow, this happened.  He shrunk himself and I could still get in sidecar of the chopper.  I look monstrous!  And we couldn’t stop giggling or zooming around the island in a fit of giggles.

Dereus tanking as a bikeOr last month, we were trying to do the apexis crystals group daily.  When Genetics and I weren’t stupidly getting separated from the group because I couldn’t stop clicking on things that I shouldn’t, Dereus was tanking while he was on his chopper.  That demon didn’t know what hit her.  🙂

Dereus through the FLoor 2And then…last night.  Dereus was bored.  I was bored and running old content.  We took our overly geared butts along with Shait and Skularis to a round of places like 25 man Heroic Firelands, 25 man Heroic Ice Crown Citadel, 10 man Heroic Ulduar for Achievements, and a romp through 25 man Heroic Dragon Soul, because why not.  After Dereus fell off the temple, he seemed to think he was still on his mount, and was tanking through the floor.

I’m starting to think he’s got problems.  🙂

Note: Yeah, I know the UI is on there, but the better pictures of what the heck was happening, I had my UI up.  In the others, my fat druid butt is blocking that tin can pally.

Stormy Peace…Also known as, I did a thing

For about 12 hours, I successfully had my raiding mojo back.  This Winter storm (which isn’t doing crap in Kansas, btw) kept our guild/raid leaders away from home on Monday and for a scary night, that left me in charge.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure we’d have enough people to pick it up and continue since we only had 9 confirmed on the invite and two of those were the leads that couldn’t make it, but somehow we had more than enough, got the tank spot covered.

Boring details aside, we did good.  One shot of Heroic Kargath, one shot Twins normal, two shot of Ko’ragh, 30-40 minutes on Imperator with attempts that saw him down to 34%.  Got the ranged working well and moving well during that fight and have a pretty solid idea what we can do next time to get him closer to dead.  Folks got some decent upgrades.  We even walked away with an achievement on Ko’ragh (Pair Annihilation) that we weren’t shooting for.  (Yeah for blind good luck?)

Yes, I accidentally wiped us on trash after Ko’ragh.  I’ll happily own up to that.  I really thought they had pulled since I was dealing with the Master Loot things, but if the Main Tank is laughing about it, I usually laugh with him and don’t worry about it.

But at the end of the night, I was relaxed, happy, laughing…generally feeling pretty good.  I didn’t snap like I had been the last couple of times in there.  It was a good change for me.

And then the morning came and we recapped the night to the leads and I was left walking away feeling like an utter failure and jerk.

Bottom line is, I have the utmost respect for my Raid leaders.  She’s the top druid.  (Even though my phone defaults it to Too Druid, because it’s just that dumb.)  She takes a lot of crap and the fact she can stay quiet through the majority of it, my hat is off to her.

I really should take a page from her book.  People that don’t play other classes like tanks or healers won’t understand the loot issues we’re facing at the moment.  The two biggest obstacles we’re facing are Spirit related (yes some people still don’t realize that healers only get a few pieces of gear that Spirit is on, so our regen is terribly low until we get those pieces) and the lumped loot pool that ignores gear specialization when it comes to Tanks and Healers with damage specs.  I’ve heard that in 6.1 they are trying to address this issue for the tanks and healers, but I haven’t had a chance to really dig up confirmation on that.

Bottom line, it’s tough.  It’s not as easy as a one role class.  It gets more complicated when we’re using gear that works for both specs, or swapping pieces out all the time to be able to do both roles (damage and healer/tank) to quest or group.

It’s always pretty easy to see the problem, but fixing it, or doing something about it, well, that’s another story.

Oh well.

Anywho, I was all set to write a pretty favorable review of raiding yesterday morning and by mid morning, I was pretty down trodden about it all again.  So down, I did all my garrison crap.  😀  And I got my hunter to level 50.  Pew pew?

Raid’s in 4 hours.  Wonder if I’ll be back from dinner in time?  And what type of experience it’ll be?  At least it always keeps me guessing.  😀

In the Stables

They were every where.  Swirling, mixing, drifting, wafting…There were too many smells.  Silentsong was certain that if she were to lose her sight, while it would indeed be dark, her Worgen nose would create a map of the world around her that she could navigate with ease.  Her nose seemed to catch that each and every person had a unique scent that hung about them.

Shait reminded her of bear’s scent, strong and wild.  Along with the scent of woods and earth though, but it went deeper.  Silent could smell the dust of the dirt and ore she sifted through to find the gems she carved.  The metal (made of adamantite) that she used as she cut the gems to fit into sockets.  There were days that arcane dust left a trail behind her, stronger than other days, when she had been enchanting scrolls and armor.  Her armor carried the smell of meticulous cleaning and hints of blood that would never fully leave the leather.

But even if she left the form of the bear behind or stopped jewel crafting or enchanting, there was one scent that followed her that made it unmistakably Shait.  A light floral note, just enough at the edge of that harsh and fierce exterior of that night elf to remind her that that force to be reckoned with was a woman and had a softer side.  Lilies and starflowers.  Silentsong liked that scent.  On days when she was filling out reports and catching up on work when her nose would catch an unexpected hint of it, she’d find herself smiling in spite of herself.

The gnome Mordlet smelled of dark places and shadows, like musty books covered with moss.  There was dust and cloth, an arcane presence from enchanting dust, and, depending on the day, like the leather of a certain Pandaren’s boot, but there was an almost sunny metallic tang that cut through the dank aroma.  The unmistakable smell of what Paladin’s and Priests called “The Light.”  It was warm, bright, like daisies facing the sun.  It ringed the edges of the shadowy presence around the gnome.  She imagined that would be what hope smelled like, maybe with less musty moss book smell and a hint more daisies, but a light in the darkness nonetheless.

Dereus was different.  He was all daisies and sunshine.  Although he would probably never admit it, the paladin exuded Light out of every fiber of his tin clad body, even his goofy hair.  Mixed with the scent of the smell of mines and metal, he carried it well.  Strength and determination, she would call his scent.  Or protection, because there was blood on the armor he wore.  He could polish it all he wanted, but she could still smell it.  The shield had been covered so much over the years, it was part of the metal, just as it was part of his strength and determination, but he still had a soft side.  Fire tempered by The Light.

Magic had its own scents.  Arcane gave off a mixture of fire and nature, stars to be more exact.  A night on fire, she would sometimes think.  Irayna was no different.  Her scent shone like the mage, arcane fire and lace mixed with the smell of books and kittens.  A combination of fierce determination and frilly sophistication.  Silent noticed over the years that it moved in waves that stemmed from the robes of Irayna, when she wore them.  These days, she favored leggings, but the waves still crashed against her nose when they billowed off her cloak or spells flew from the palms of her hands.

Then there was that very distinct Pandaren smell, a mixture between ale, noodles, and a hint of ginger, that always seemed to linger for days.  Pandaren musk, leather, grease and oil, metal, and the curiously calming scent of ink and old scrolls.  That was Qale.  That smell stayed for days after he came for a visit.  Technology, knowledge, and fun. She loved that smell.

But between the many different races wandering around her and her comrades’ garrisons and the shipments coming in, Silent’s nose was taking a beating.  Not just hers though, but cat and bear as well.  In their quest to find relief, they had taken to abandoning the druid lady and spending time elsewhere.  Bear had hidden away in a tree on the far end of the garrison with the Druids of Talon the and when cat wasn’t keeping Dereus company (whether he wanted it or not) she was with the two dwarves, Fanny and Keegan Firebeard, in the stables.  The ever changing mounts, hay, and the ever growing pile of poop the beasts left behind kept a steady parade of scents that covered the ones that bothered her the most.

It was where Silent found herself now, sitting on the fence overseeing the animals she had just brought in.  The rocktusk boar was being led in to a stall by Fanny while the new snarler wolf (or was it worg, she wondered) curiously sniffed at the Garn Nighthowl that was snoozing on its side just a few feet away.

“They be looking fit as ever, milady,” Keegan told her.  She nodded as she looked them over, not moving from the fence.

“How are their temperaments?” she asked.

The dwarf nodded.  He knew what she really meant without her asking it directly.  “The snarler is smart,” he mused.  “Gettin’ in good with that Garn there.  He’ll have the ropes down in no time.  They trust the more seasoned beasts and they trust you.  They’ll be no trouble once they’ve been trained up a bit more.”

It was always at the back of her mind, would her mere presence frighten those around her.  It didn’t matter with the guild.  Sure, the emergence of Worgens was a bit shocking at first and even sometimes now when one would shift into their more beastial self when one thought they were talking to a human all along, but at least with the guild, it was closest thing to being a part of a family as she could get.

“The Riverwallow needs a good runnin’ iffin’ yer up for it.”

“Ma’m, we just received another shipment from Dereus.”

Silent glanced over to see one of the Worgen Guards struggling under the weight of a crate in his arms.  She could smell the herbs inside from where she sat.  It seemed the paladin had sent over another round of herbs for her to make in to potions for the guild.  He had a knack of sending much more than she needed.  Cat said it had something to do with the fact he hoped that they’d stop growing in the small garden he had, but they seemed to come back in force each time he ripped them out by the roots.

“Do you want this now, or…” the guard trailed off, looking sheepishly at the druid as if he’d interrupted something important.

“It’s your choice,” Keegan told her.  “Flowers or beasts?”

Silent sighed.

“The Herbs can wait.  Bring on the beasts.”

(I’ve been working on my stables off and on.  You’d think if I just buckled down, I would have had it done ages ago.  Ah well.  At least I have my 3rd level Storehouse.  Transmog at my Garrison.  Now I really don’t have a reason to leave. 🙂

Wrestling with Content


It’s always a lot of fun.  I enjoy seeing content.  Seeing how it plays into the storylines.  The folks I raid with, well, we’re an odd bunch.  The majority of the folks, I’ve been raiding with since Burning Crusade.  There’s about six of us that are extremely close.  The others, while we’re not texting each other every day like the core six from Phoenix, are easy and fun to get along with.

Truthfully, there’s not a person in our group of regulars I don’t like.  Everyone is interesting and fun.

Just sometimes, I get really tired of having to say the same things week after week.  It never fails, each week I have to tell the person that freaks out about having aggro and adds on them to run them to the tank.  Keep mumble clear so tanks can call swaps and we can actually coordinate on the fight.  And explain that just because a few people are geared to the teeth, the rest of the raid group isn’t at that level to be able to take down some of the harder bosses in High Maul.

We did get Twins went down but it was messy and the guy after him was definitely not a walk in the park.  The majority of the raid was dead when they went down.  Being their for those kills, you’d think a player would realize that a bit more gear would greatly benefit the whole group.  It seems though, that people forget that everyone has to be able to pull their own weight.  An entire raid cannot rely on one or two people to carry the whole group.  That’s pretty much the whole point of a raid.  A group of people working together to take on tougher content.

I usually enjoy the challenge, but each time we get together, I just end up feeling stressed and frustrated, like I’m banging my head against a brick wall dealing with the same problems.  The more frustrated I get, I just feel like I drag down the group dynamic, because it stops being fun.

I feel like I should take a break before I start alienating everyone in our group (I already snapped at my “Twin” the other night and felt completely horrible afterwards), but then I feel like if I step away for a bit, that I would be letting the group down because they’re losing a giant chunk of healing.

So it’s a conundrum right now.  Wish I had a better answer for myself.  I need some perspective somewhere and I’m not sure exactly where to look for it.

What in the What What Whut?

Last night, I ran across this posted in one of the groups I’m in.

Give Worgens the chance to choose Alliance or Horde.

I almost spat my wine out while reading this last night, I was laughing so hard.  The title pretty much says it all, but if you’re still confused, basically the guy that put this together thinks that Worgens should be able to choose their allegiance to Alliance or Horde like the Pandaren.

Even if whoever put this together never had an a chance to play the original games, it’s clear they haven’t taken the opportunity to play through the starting quest line of the Worgen, or even the Forsaken quest line with Slyvanas in Silverpine Forest.  There’s plenty in the opening line for the Worgens giving a bit of their backstory and where they have been throughout the years.  The Forsaken pursuing them throughout Gilneas certainly wouldn’t lend them to wanting to join up with the Horde.  The Forsaken continuing the assault in Silverpine Forest seems to me like they wouldn’t open their doors and ask them to join.

While joining up with the Alliance would be tense since the Gilneans hid behind their wall for so many years to stay out of the wars and weren’t there for the Alliance, and even with the worgens from the Scythe of Elune and and Argus (The sons of Argul) that were in the start of the game, the Alliance are still the only real choice for the Worgens.

Just because we’re a little scary, not exactly human anymore, and have fur doesn’t mean we are an automatic Horde race.

Worgens.  Furry.  Scruffy.  For the Alliance!