Raid Swap

Our raid had a lot of factors working against us on Wednesday.  Two members who’s net just didn’t want to cooperate, 5 officers that were dead tired, 1 healer that had to be replaced at the last minute, 1 sick raider…it really wasn’t our night.

We got our regular bosses down.  A few people got some gear.  A back up healer got a few items, so grats to him!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.30.04 PMBut we spent most of the night in a pretty silly mood.  The road it took us down led us here: Gender swapping.

Thanks to Alchemy, Shait and I (and all of the raid) know how horrible we look as the opposite gender.  Except Dungot.  He is probably the cutest female dwarf we’ve ever seen, so he can stay gender swapped.

Me?  I think I’ll stay a lady worgen.  Me-ow!

Unleash the Dragon

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.10.53 PMSeeking mounts seems to be a never ending quest.  Especially since I get bored easily and hate camping for things which is probably why I won’t ever get Time Lost Proto Drake (which I have seen several times and went to kill except it CRZ’d me to a realm where he didn’t exist.  /sigh) or Poundfist.  There’s other things to do and it’s a bit of a treat when you come across things while questing.

I’ve been going back though and working on achievements and solo’ing raids in hopes of some drops.  I’ve been doing Firelands each week on Silent working on the Legendary line.  I’ve had the Flame Talon mount for a while now and the achievement Corrupted Fire Hawk was obtained before that.  Last week, Rag dropped his mount which my friend and I scuffled over for a moment.  He’ll be running Firelands several more times as he’s just started the legendary line as well.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.10.20 PMI’ve got to say, that was a pretty neat line.  Two of the guys from our raid group last night, my twin and one of our warriors (Lightlink) went on a murder spree with me last night to finish out the line for me.

We then raced around Stormwind as dragons.  Well, Dereus was the sandstone drake that I WILL find that bloody pattern for and make me a Vial for it.

Mount hunting and legendaries.  Seems to be what I’m up to lately.  Between leveling the priest and paladin for fun, I’ve also started the Shadowmourne line on the Paladin.  It almost has me wanting to do all the lines for legendaries, but I’m not sure I could level a rogue anymore.  🙂

If you ever get a chance to do the Tarecgosa quest line, I say go for it, and enjoy!

Alts and You

Over the weekend and even in to Monday, some of our group and I have been alt hopping.  For fun, and curiosity, I started leveling my Priest Syiah.  Even messed around with Disc which is finally starting to make some sense to me again.  (I haven’t been disc since Wrath of the Lich King!)  Turns out Qale has a Shaman at her level so we started running some dungeons.

Then there are our little lowbie Horde Alts.  There’s four or five of us all around the same level so we ran a bunch of dungeons there.

There was a common theme that really kept ticking us off while we were playing these alts.  How people treat tanks (and healers.)

It’s funny, how DPS has these longer queues because there just aren’t enough tanks and healers to match pace with the surplus of DPS, but they are the first to complain about tanks and healers.  If a tank isn’t up to snuff, they’ll make their life a living hell.

This weekend, I’ve seen DPS pull mobs before the tank or mobs the tank didn’t pull then complain that the tank can’t holding aggro.  There’s been prolific profanity about the tank.  I’ve seen the tank go in for one mob while two DPS run in opposite directions and attack other things then complain that they have aggro.  And when we reach the end of the dungeon, proceed to cuss out the tank.

All of the above actually happened in one group where they tank said at the very beginning “This is my first time tanking, so just give me a moment.”

Apparently, that was a green light for the DPS to be a dick and do the above.

With the boost to 90, it really isn’t that far fetched for some of these lower levels to actually be new players.  Or players trying out a new class because they want to try tanking or healer.

Doing the above, that is a sure fire way to make sure we don’t have new people stepping in to those roles.  Who wants to deal with that?  Better yet, how can new people learn a class when people are so apt to either do it for them or not let them try at all because their lack of experience means they automatically suck?

Hell, I sucked at healing and tanking the first few times.  Thankfully, I had a couple of friends that wouldn’t let me give up and would stop when I needed mana after every pull when I didn’t have the gear to keep healing.

Seriously though, DPS, put yourself in their shoes for a bit.  Read Instance Chat.  And don’t be a dick.


Not gonna lie, it’s been a really crazy week out of game.  A lot of changes around the home that I’ve tried really hard not to bring in to game.

Without going in to details, it does look like things are looking up, so that’s something at least.

With all the bleh going on out of game, it has put me into a weird sleeping habit again.  Random naps during the day and up pretty much all night.

It also means I’m pretty capable of mindless farming.  I knocked out the Noblegarden Mount and Pet chocolate collecting on the little hunter and made another notch in the mount farming tally belt.  Even started working in earnest on that white raptor out on the Isle of Giants.  Got 1/3 of the way there before I felt the isle was too crowded for my tastes.  Realized I’m still missing one of the Primal Raptors too, so fingers crossed that that last one will hatch in the egg I picked up in three days.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.55.35 PMIn a strange turn of events, I sent pets to Qale today thanks to the Isle farming.  All three little Oondasta looking pets and the little dire horn.  I’m not quite used to having all those drop and not know what to do with them.  🙂

I’ve been alt hopping most of the day and since I can’t sleep, I’ve found myself in Shadowmoon Valley, again.  After all these years, I do have to say that I’m still in awe of the scenery in World of Warcraft.

Raiding Bits

We’ve been making a foray into Blackrock Foundry.  Bouncing around bosses inside Blackrock, we’ve taken down Gruul, Hans’gar and Franzok, and Beastlord Darmac.  I think once folks can get the timing and camera angles down, the Operator Thogar (Crazy Train!) fight shouldn’t be too bad.

And while our DPS has been a bit up and down lately, our healing has always been pretty solid.  Usually, we run a disc priest, a resto shaman, and myself as a resto druid.  However, it looks like real life will be breaking up our healing team.  We’ll be losing our priest in the next few weeks.

There are very few Gnomes I enjoy, in and out of character.  And as a healer, she’s pretty superb.  She will be irreplaceable.

And now begins the task of finding another healer for our little team.  We really do hate to ask anyone else to swap roles when a few of our folks have swapped roles to balance out DPS, Melee, and Range issues.

If anyone is out there looking for a new home, it’s possible you might be able to find one with our team.  I warn you that we like to say naughty words, we link cat videos, our shaman loves to sing “Push It,” and we strive very hard to be fun casual raiders.

Oh Blizzard!

I do so love the April Fool’s jokes that Blizzard puts up every year.

While the T.I.N.D.E.R. for the followers is funny, I’m a fan of the Foolish Patch Notes.  Some of my favorites…

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 6.35.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 6.35.54 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 6.36.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 6.36.18 PM

While I go get my baggie so I’ll have it for raid tonight, tell me what was your favorite?