Sorry, not Sorry HotS

To anyone playing Heroes of the Storm, allow me to apologize in advance when I magically pop onto your team.  I die.  A lot.  I can’t seem to keep myself from not getting into the thick of things.  I get so focused on what I’m trying to do I forget to watch health and back out appropriately, but I’m learning.  The controls are also clunky to me.  I’ve never been great at clicking a place on a map to tell my character to just go there.  I’m also pretty bad at click on things in general and then pushing more buttons to kill it.

This is why I love tab targeting so much.

This is also why there are stray moonfires sometimes.

This should probably be an indicator that I shouldn’t play video games.  LOL

But I started playing Heroes this week because the new super computer could actually open it in a decent amount of time.  (I spent 15 minutes trying to open it on the Mac.  >.>  Poor Macbook.)

I really do enjoy it.  I was a pretty big fan of Red Alert: Command and Conquer.  I never really had the chance to play Warcraft 3, or finish it, but that day is coming, I swear.  And with as much as I nerd out over World of Warcraft, I might be a tad hooked.

Okay, yeah.  I am hooked.

I’m kind of sad there is an xp daily cap against A.I.  Some of my friends don’t really care to play against real people because the A.I. seems to destroy us constantly.  I think that’s probably more because we really have found a rhythm to the game yet.

The games I’ve played against folks, I am certain one guy thought I was a bot because I died…a lot.  >.>  And the games I’ve linked up with some other folks WoW folks I know have been pretty fun.

Screenshot2015-06-19 13_27_49I picked up my first Hero yesterday.  Sylvanas.  For never having tried her, I’m actually really enjoying her play style.  Spreading things amongst minions, taking down towers by leeching up their ammo?  Sure!

I’ll probably pick up Jaina and/or Reghar next.  Out of the Heros I’ve had a chance to play, those two make sense and just clicked with me.  Valla as well, but I wanted a WoW toon first.

Any who, sorry I’m terribly bad at the game right now, but I’ll possibly get better.  🙂

Those following me on Twitter over @TheScruffyDruid have been seeing a lot of screenshots pop up on their feed as I’ve been checking out the graphics on the new rig.  If you haven’t seen them yet, here’s a look at what I’ve been seeing and geeking out over.

I can see the Caverns of Time from Gadgetzan! (Miles and miles, zones and zones!)

I can see the Caverns of Time from Gadgetzan! (Miles and miles, zones and zones!)

Black Morass is much brighter than I remember...

Black Morass is much brighter than I remember…

This calls for a new profile picture.  The question is where and what mog?  🙂

Druid Lady Update

IMG_1536First, let me apologize for being pretty quiet over here the last month.  Out of game I’ve been battling some pretty cruddy stuff and bronchitis.  The raid group has been having some giggles about the squeaky voice, which is indeed pretty funny, but not so fun when your voice is a big function of your job, so that’s been a bummer.  I get to go back to the doctor next week so they can run more tests.

On the bright side, I look awesome in those backless gowns, so that’s something. /thumbs up

Saffie, Irayna, and Silentsong

Saffie, Irayna, and Silentsong

Before the Bronchitis hit though, some of my guild mates and I went to our area’s local festival to watch Flogging Molly.  I got to do some biking around town. Have some Dippin’ Dots.  Found a New York Style Pizzeria that is pretty phenomenal.  Hang out with two of my best friends and listen to great music.

Flying was confirmed not to be coming to Warlords.

There was a giant freak out about no flying in Warlords in just about every social media outlet because players couldn’t play the game without it.

There was a better, more reasonable argument that Blizzard was pretty cruddy to their customer’s by 1) not releasing this news themselves but through a 3rd party website article, 2) doing it on a holiday weekend so they couldn’t/wouldn’t be able to respond to the outcry, and 3) making this news public 10 days or so after they had just released a new store mount that featured flying in the new expansion.  (It was a bit of false advertising on their part and a bit low to say they weren’t going to allow flying days after the refund period of the mount had expired.  I get it.  People want to spend their money on what they are shown it can do.)

After much deliberation and outcry, Flying is now confirmed to be coming in patch 6.2 after you finish objectives, most of which are in game now.  Reputation for the Tanaan Jungle Factions will come in to play after the patch release.  A great guide about it can be found over at WoW-Head for anybody still a bit behind on this news.

IMG_1523And then, a fabled story came to life.

It’s been in the works since October.  Intended as a gift in January.  Additional parts came over the course of 9 months.  Almost sounds like a strange pregnancy, and in a way, it really is a new kind of baby.

The Scruffy Druid’s super computer has arrived!

Don’t ask me what’s in it.  Seriously.  I’m not a very technologically gifted gal unless it involves audio editing.

What I do know, and everyone that follows me on Twitter has been subjected to over the past week, is that I can see and experience games in a way that hasn’t ever happened before.  In a sense, World of Warcraft is a brand new game even though I’ve been playing it for 10 years now.

IMG_1522There’s a running joke in our guild about how Ztraya should have sent it over on the lowest graphics so I could have ignored all the new things I’m seeing and focus on learning how to heal through a mouse and make the change from my Mac’s Lap Top Keyboard to this other one that has way more buttons than I’m used to.  (The Escape Key is in the wrong place and it’s messing with my sanity I tell you!)  It’s a pretty big learning curve for me.

About every ten minutes I’m seeing something completely different.  Flame bender Ka’Graz in Blackrock Foundry?  There really is a meteor that hits the ground during molten torrent and we don’t just go boom when the counter hits 0.  My astral form?  Stars constantly fall around and through me.  Ice Crown Citadel?  Souls rise up in the middle of the citadel!

I never really knew just how much grass was in the game until I could see it EVERYWHERE!  (I do know that you can turn the ground clutter down, but I’m not going to! Mauhahaha!)  Or just how many leaves and stars pop up with my spells.  It is quite possible I may have found a new love of the balance spec just because of the spell effects.

I can see for miles and miles!  Zones and zones!  While working on some past content, I am constantly amazed at the little things I’ve missed in the zones.  Even some big things.  Like buildings.  On the side of mountains.

Yeah.  Seriously. I’m a little kid with this right now.  Wonderment and joy!

IMG_1524Between treasure hunting, some rep grinding, and running LFR to try and finish out this chapter of the legendary line before the next part comes, I’m ready for patch 6.2 and possibly beyond.  And with more content coming.  Cheers!