Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Well that was certainly a nice surprise.  Guild mate tags me in a giveaway.  I tag another guild mate.  And I actually won!  Thanks to Perthboy’s Gaming Giveaways for the awesome giveaway.

Silentsong and Irayna_new mounts_3I picked up a Mystic Runesaber mount.  My guild mate Irayna decided she wanted the Winged Guardian.  We’re styling now!

I’ve spent the week catching up on Supernatural, hanging out with the kiddos, and trying to catch up work.  Life never slows down. 🙂

My Own Hellfire

WoWScrnShot_090715_100910As “Taco” (Qale) has pointed out to me, I’ve been away for quite awhile.  I had been working on finishing up some stories I really wanted to share with everyone.  Everything just suddenly took a back seat and I’m slowly trying to get my own mindset back to a place where I can fully function and actually do things.   It’s honestly been a bit of a roller coaster through hell lately that most days feels never ending.

A couple months ago, I mentioned I was going through a ton of medical testing.  It was for a problem going on for about a year now and was more of an inconvenience than anything, but we finally had the means to get in and start trying to get to the root of the problem.

The great news is, it doesn’t appear to have been anything serious or that they couldn’t fix.  The doctors couldn’t quite figure out what had caused it in the first place which is still a little unsettling, but it looks like the hunch of a massive hormone imbalance was correct.  After a couple rounds of different treatments, my body is actually responding and working like it was and is supposed to.  I have another follow up in a month to see if things keep going the way they are now.  Woo!  Almost normal.  Well, never normal, but at least functional right?

The last month however, hasn’t been quite as lucky.

The end of August, my family was dealt a pretty low blow.  We found out our 16 month old niece was killed.  In response, the last three weeks my husband and I have been making arrangements, attending hearings, case meetings, and doing what we can to make sure our niece’s older siblings are safe and cared for.  It’s been a pretty rocky road with a lot of territory that we weren’t fully prepared to dive in to.

It has understandably kept me out of game, since there hasn’t been much time to do anything else.  With the never ending parade of things to do and people coming and going, I haven’t really wanted to be social.  Call it people over load.

I think the last week has been the worst though ending in this weekend where I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do anything.  All the stress and worry just finally bogged me down enough that nothing but Mac and Cheese and Netflix sounded good.  Not really healthy there, but sometimes, you have to find your own ways to cope and heal.

Heroes of the Storm has helped too as I don’t really have to be social to blow up pixels.  (Got Sylvanas to level 10 this weekend!  Woo!)  Not exactly healthy, but healthier than endless Mac and Cheese, right?

WoWScrnShot_090715_100859I’m not really going to go into full details about what happened or what’s going on right now, especially since there is so much available online about what happened.  I will tell you that my mother bear instincts have gone into over drive when it comes to my niece and nephew so a lot of what takes up my time out of game involves them because honestly, I’m not sure what will happen to them after all of this.  It also fuels my motivation to work on more of my own writing, because they’re finally getting interested in books and stories.

Since their future is so uncertain right now, my dear friend and guild mate Irayna set up a GoFundMe to help us try to cover funeral costs and anything the two older siblings might encounter during the next year or so of all of this.  I wouldn’t normally ask, but truthfully, I’m not sure how we’re going to be able to afford any of this.  Part of the stress and worries that keep me up at night.  If you can’t contribute, a simple signal boost of is greatly appreciated by my family and I.  It’s a long road ahead that is sometimes dark, bleak, and never ending, but there’s no way to get through it without continuing to put one foot in front of the other.  And we’ll continue trying to do that.

In game, I did come back for a bit this weekend.  Scruffysong, who desperately needs a transmog, went back in to Hellfire Citadel.  Last time I went with her guild group, they were on Heroic and we took out a few bosses.  I was woefully under geared but they apparently liked me enough to tell my friend that when I’m ready, come and have fun and heal the crap out of them.  They ended up gearing her out a bit taking her from 620 to 670 in a matter of days.  Friday, I got her up to 675.  She’s now 10 ilevels below my Worgen Druid, Silentsong and they had her mostly two healing normal Hellfire on Friday.  I’m still woefully under geared, but we took down 6 or so bosses, so not too shabby.

WoWScrnShot_090715_101755I changed out Silentsong’s transmog again.  I really like the blue and gold.  Not really sold on the weapon, even though it’s one of my favorite models in game, but I think I’m going to keep her this way for awhile.

And I finally finished the Shadowmourne quest line.  I actually finished it last month I think, but never really got around to talking about it except on Twitter.  I finally have my horse!  Woo!  Now if only Invincible will drop.  And the other few boss mounts I’m missing.  And if I ever get on to run those instances.  /chuckle

Guess I better get to it.  See you guys in game.

-The Druid Lady