Snowy Fireworks

A cool breeze ruffled the robes of the worgen stretched out atop the roof of the town hall of the garrison below.  Silentsong stared up at the night sky watching the bursts of color light up the night.

Another year had passed, causing her to reflect before joining in the festivities.  Some how she had come to grasp the healing arts that had always eluded her.  She had traveled the lands of Draenor making friends and enemies along the way.   She had even found a way to set the storm crow take to the skies again.  If she thought about it, the year hadn’t been too bad.

Dreams she had been having of late caused her to pause to try to recall memories of Gilneas that had long been lost.  She was still trying to make sense of them and discover if they were truth or nothing more than the fantasy of dreams, but that could wait for another night.

The fireworks above reminded her she had parties to attend.  Perhaps she would crash Shait’s garrison and have a cup of cider at midnight.

Then there was the snow in Frostfire that was always pretty this time of year.  Perhaps she could take a flight over and see if the Frost Wolves celebrated the new year with fireworks as well.

A chance to  stretch her wing was always a welcome adventure and she had plenty of time.  Rising to her feet, she gave a shake and let the crow take flight across Draenor.

(Happy New Years friends.  May you all have a wonderful celebration. -Druid lady)