The Power of Nature

And now, something completely unrelated to World of Warcraft…

Appeljuice and I just moved.  I think I mentioned that.  We’re living in a little spot surrounded by fields and cows and wheat and birds…even coyotes.  (That’s pretty fun.  Sitting on the porch and listening to two packs yip back and forth across the fields at one another.)
Raid dog picked up fleas.  Our cat picked up fleas.  We’ve been treating just about everything inside and out to try to get rid of them.  Our cat couldn’t take it and had a bad reaction and passed away suddenly yesterday morning.  So a bit of sadness in the serene sanctuary we’ve made/found here.

And then last night, it stormed.  Which seemed very fitting for the course of the day.

Lots of lightning.  Thunder.  While I never saw hail start, there were reports of that around the area.  And there was plenty of rain.

And between unpacking more boxes, putting things in their new place and hanging art upon the walls, I found time to take a few photos while the storm came rolling in.  Enjoy.

Girl’s Night out

How embarrassing, that I could remember that this week the Warcraft movie would be premiering in the US this week and the girls and I from the guild that are in the area have been talking about seeing it together when it opened from the beginning, but I space that it was indeed this weekend and we were somehow going.

Granted, I just moved about an hour or so from where we were.  I’ve spent the last few weeks packing, doing adult things making sure I could work, game and live in our new location (which is amazing by the way) so my mind has been about 100 different places this week.

Including our first Archimonde kill.  Go Phoenix from the Ashes!

Irayna, Saffie and I discovered there was a premiere show of Warcraft today at 7:15 so we scrambled to get work done, tickets acquired, and to the theatre on time.

It was pretty amazing to see that while the theatre wasn’t completely full that there was a strong showing of Alliance, Horde and fellow geeks in the seats.

Without giving you any spoilers, these ladies were very caught up in the story, the cinematography and overall enjoying ourselves.  The small nods to the game, in the humorous way, because obviously the whole movie is a wonderful nod to the games and story it’s based upon, had us giggling in our seats.  Yes, I cried and was teased about it.

Is it Oscar worthy, probably not.  Is it something to go and enjoy?  Absolutely.  I really hope we get to see more from Duncan Jones and have more of the story unfold.  I’m sure we’ll all be going again soon and owning it once it hits stores.

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as we did.  FOR AZEROTH!