I’ve been very quiet on my blog.  I know.  I know.  I seem to go in spurts lately.  Life has been interesting as of late.

Now I’m sure we can both agree looking at my Twitter feed, I haven’t been completely silent, but I’d like to let you know what I’ve been up to and what’s coming.

I spent the last month participating in NaNoWriMo2016.  While I didn’t write a novel, nor did I “Win” by writing 50,000 words in a month, I did have a lot of success in what I wanted to do, hitting my own goals, and I even discovered a thing or two about myself and what I want out of life.

See, I like writing, even if I write a bit like a dog going on a walk.  Okay, like MY dog going on a walk.  I have a direction, but there’s all these things, like squirrels and people and smells and squirrels!  I’ll eventually get where I’m going, but I get side tracked easily.  That’s my brain and it’s kind of funny in there at times.

I like telling stories through lyrics, fan fiction, or even through my own misfortune and the rare successes.  Oddly though, I haven’t written any music for about 6 years.  Or anything really aside from what was on here.

So, this last month, I tried to write daily.  It didn’t matter what, I just wanted to start that habit again of putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard.

While I might not have hit every day, I did get to the point where I now feel like a day without writing is just absolutely wrong.

I discovered that 1000 words a day is easily done, as long as I don’t have a migraine.

And even if I’m writing about personal accounts, my mind is building stories and worlds again.  I actually feel creative again!

I also feel like I’ve lifted a lot of stress off myself.  There’s an analogy I’ve used many times this month about some of my unresolved issues…”I need to kill the demons before I bury them again.”

And so…I wrote about them.

Honestly, writing about my own struggles with anxiety, people, life…all of that has helped me tone down that stress.  While laying it all out there is indeed pretty scary and can leave you exposed, writing it helps me sort it out.

And maybe, just maybe, if someone feels in a similar situation, they can see they’re not alone.  And maybe it can help them as well.

So, friend you’re going to see a lot more here.  There will still be plenty of Geekery, short stories/RP and such, but there is going to be a lot more me OOC.  I can really only promise you the Good, the Bad, and the awkward.  From Domestic Druid Household Hi-jinx and Discoveries to dealing with anxiety and the things that keep me up at night…I’m sharing it.  For me.  And for you.

It’s a package deal really.  It all goes together.  If I leave anything out, I’m not real and I don’t want to be anything less than myself with anyone.  Not even you.

So, dear friend, let me take this moment to introduce myself again.

Hi.  I’m the Scruffy Druid Lady.  I’m a bit of a geek.  I really enjoy video games like World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and I can’t really go wrong with a Mario game.  I get in to fantasy books, music, and poetry.

By day and most nights I’m a voice artist and in game I’m a Druid.  Mostly a Resto healer girl, sometimes the Moonkin, happy to tank with a ton of crowd control, and I love stealthing around as a feral cat, even if I rarely play feral.  I really love my Druid and enjoy writing stories based off her adventures in Azeroth and beyond, but I’m also working on a few other things as well, not fan fiction related.  I’d love to share those with you sometime too!

My fandoms include Harry Potter (GO GO GRYFFINDOR!), Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Disney.  Not to mention I will never out grow musical theatre.  (Beauty and the Beast is probably my favorite, I adore Wicked, and you can frequently catch me jamming out to the sound track to those musicals and The Little Mermaid and Hamilton.  Yeah.  Nerdy musical girl here.)

I also enjoy knitting (even though I’m terribly slow at it), cooking (which I probably enjoy a bit too much, but hey, food is awesome!), fishing, camping, and a mishmash of other things you probably wouldn’t guess just by looking at me.  I am an enigma in a very small package.  Maybe a round package, but I still can’t reach that top shelf without help.  Maybe at least two steps.

I also tend to have bouts of anxiety that kick into overdrive when I feel overwhelmed.  It’s a bit like the fight or flight reaction on steroids, except that it gives me a third option which is to shut down completely.  That’s never a fun one to go through.

My life isn’t always about Unicorns farting out rainbows and sunshine.  I’ve had some pretty dark moments in my life that pulled those anxiety reactions into play making them take over.  It’s something I’m still working through and while it’s taken quite a while, I’m learning.

I’m also relearning how awesome I can be, no matter what anyone thinks or wants me to think.  I don’t plan on falling for that whole ladies need to grow out of liking video games and super heroes and the like.  They’re my passions and I’m going to enjoy them!

In short, I’m a gamer, geeky girl with a pen, a microphone, and a head exploding with possibilities.

Wanna be friends?