The Nexus Challenge

Over in the Nexus of Heroes of the Storm, the Nexus Challenge is drawing to a close.  Have you completed it yet?

Thanks to a friend of mine, I knocked the first 15 out a week or two after it launched then didn’t touch it again.  Been a very busy month lately. 🙂

But between Qale and Appel I finished up my 30 a week or so ago.

I plan to help Qale finish out his today if all goes well at the Chiropractor.

Auriel is a tough cookie.  Interesting and fun to play but very challenging.

I’ve been back on Thrall a lot lately and feel like I’ve gotten into a groove of when to chase down folks and when not to.  Using the wolves to stun someone then finish them off is getting a little easier to do, but it doesn’t always work out the way I want it to.

Still love Li-Ming.  And the new Flame Druid Skin for Malfurion?  LOVE IT!  There’s a story there that I’ll tell you about next week.

This is just your friendly reminder to get your games in before the 3rd.  See you in the Nexus!  And Happy New Year!

-The Druid Lady

Scruffy After Hours: Get a Mace

Things that keep me up at night #102

If you have a glass cube, like that of a box or cage, but with no doors or latches or lids…where is the best place to hit it to make it crack?  Would that be the middle of a side or at a join between two walls?

Could a bat do the trick or should I grab a morning star type of mace so that there is a puncture in the glass before the true impact?

I’m thinking that the mace wins.

Happy Console Day

What a happy day this week!

For the holidays, we splurged a little bit (mainly because we found a really good deal) and were able to bring home some new consoles!  I can play console games again!!!

We ended up buying an Xbox One and a Wii U.  Yeah, I know.  Nintendo isn’t making Wii U’s any more and actually just had a recall on them, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t enjoy playing it.

So the question is, what should we get to play?

Appel has been pretty engrossed with Skyrim so we did get the special edition copy, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, The Witcher 3 for the Xbox.  Figured those might be some we enjoy.  (I’m not exactly an FPS gamer.  I’m bloody awful at them. 🙂

And because I have been missing Mario I got a copy of Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. U, and Super Smash Bros.

We’re still planning to pick up Mario Kart sometime too.

What are you enjoying playing right now?  What do you think we should give a try?

Return to the Force

Sad day for geeks everywhere as Carrie Fisher, best known as the actress who played Princess Leia/General Leia Organa in the Star Wars franchise has passed away at the age of 60.

Let us never forget that Carrie brought life to a role that has the ability to inspire little girls (and is adults as well) that they can be more than just a princess.

May the force be with you always.

Scruffy After Hours: Snoring

Things that keep me up at night #101


That rumbling, snorting, grunting

That seems to travel through the house

And rattles the mattress.

It’s frighting and defeaning

As it shakes my brain in the darkness.

I imagine this is what a bear sounds like

After all, he is a mountain of warmth

And protection.

Lying there beside me

This is safety.

This is love.

And I smile as I slip off to the couch to escape the sound.

This is why we fight to fall asleep first

as my orcish snoring is just as loud

But much less calming.

Happy Christmas 2016

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family!

I joked around a bit on Twitter that ours was on fire a bit.  Our truck decided it was going to act up yesterday morning.  Appel even mentioned something smelled like it was on fire.

After a rescue ride from my dad, we spent Christmas with my family, Appel went to work, I got to watch Doctor Who (which I am continuing today) and our truck came back to life sometime before midnight.  Exciting right?

I hope you enjoy your day!  Hug your friends and family and I’ll see you in Azeroth.

The night before winter veil…

Originally posted 12/24/2014, I figured it was time for a repost.  Maybe this year I’ll write a Winter Veil aftermath story.  Enjoy! -Silent

“‘Twas the night before Winter Veil and all through the hall,
Not a guild mate was stirring, well no, not quite all.
The shoes were all stowed carefully out of reach of cat,
In hopes that the fund for guild repairs would stay intact.

Bear had hidden away for a slumber so deep,
While the Druid lady had pints with Shait in the keep…”

“Silent that isn’t how that is supposed to go,” the elf laughed at the worgen.

Silent peered at her friend as Shait struggled to get her laughter under control. “Well, it’s close and fits, doesn’t it?”

“I suppose,” she replied, thoughtfully. “No Winter Veil cheer this year?”

The worgen took another sip of her ale and shook her head. “I find myself longing for a day to myself, but I cannot get away. All these new friends we’ve made, they won’t leave the garrison! They always want me to send them out for things. They constantly want me to tell them what to do. I can’t even hide in the outhouse to get away from them.”

“Mm. Can’t argue with that. Irayna has been portaling all over the place for those Goblins at Smokeywood pastures. Something about pets or presents.”

“Mord swears the folks in his place want to leave, or maybe that is just because that gnome is friends with goblins.”

“Possibly,” the night elf replied. “Qale stopped by once. It’s a miracle we got him to stop punting everyone so they could have a Winter Veil.”

The two spent the next few moments envisioning the giant Pandaren Monk running around in a drunken haze punting goblins and gnomes alike. Silent could almost hear him declare “it’s good” as she watched an imaginary goblin sail over the imaginary wall in her mind.

“It really is strange,” Shait mused, “with all of these people to watch over, direct, and shelter. But I’m honored and humbled they stay.”

“We like it here,” Mordlet piped up, making Silent jump. That blasted gnome had a habit of popping up out of nowhere. No wonder Qale liked to punt him.

“Anyone know if we should be getting our new found friends and followers gifts?” He continued, pulling a mug towards him.

Shait and Silent shared a look of alarm as both of them realized they hadn’t even considered that possibility.

“I’ll send over some armaments we’ve been stockpiling for awhile,” another voice said. Dereus had found them and slid into a chair to join them. “Who doesn’t enjoy a new weapon?”

The four giggled and passed around another flagon of ale.

“I hope everyone likes what I got them,” he said as they all took another sip of ale.

“Repair money?” Mord asked. Dereus chuckled as Silent patted the gnome fondly.

“It’s the eve of Winter Veil. The garrisons are bustling with festivities and this, is perfect.”

“How so?” Shait asked.

“This right here. Everyone sharing in a brief moment of peace,” the paladin continued. “I wouldn’t trade this.”

“Nor I,” Mord said.

Shait shook her head. “Wouldn’t trade this for anything.”

“To friends and family,” Silent toasted, raising her mug.

“Friends and family,” they agreed.

“You going to rewrite that poem,” Shait asked.

The worgen shook her head. “Nope. Going to enjoy each and every moment with you guys.”

Happy Winter Veil to all and to all a good night.