Did I miss something?

There are days where I wonder if I missed something somewhere.  Were there classes I missed signing up for?  Was I born without some gene that makes me a proper girl?

I seem to have missed out on the loopy, feminine handwriting that most of my lady classmates had.

I’m 32 and makeup still baffles me.  When all the girls in my class were sporting the thick lined, raccoon eyes, I had no interest and even now, I still don’t know how to put the blasted thing on.

And don’t get me started on fashion.  There’s all these articles on how you should dress for your body style and here I am staring in the mirror at my Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt and Harry Potter scarf and I still don’t know what “shape” category I fall in to.

My sister didn’t have any problems with this stuff.  So, what did I miss?

Bright side, I can moon fire the crap out of quill boars and demons.

I’m still a girl.  Just a different type of girl.

That still can’t put on eyeliner properly.

Day Three, Four Hardware Stores

Going on Day Three of a broken shower.  I might be starting to smell like a Worgen now.

A seal in the pipes rotted out and we discovered some of the parts didn’t actually fit together in the plumbing when the tub and water works were put together.

I’ve been to three different hardware stores this weekend (and wandered around lost in all of them) just trying to find the right parts (which I don’t even rightly understand what they are in the first place).  I’ll visit another one tonight after work.  I’ll actually have a print out with the part number this time, so maybe I’ll be able to have someone find it in a timely fashion.

Fingers crossed we’ll have it fixed tonight and we can all shower and do away with the stinky mess we’re creating.

Ink Stains and Oil Stains

And so the family is hard at work.

One furiously tearing apart a truck.  Breaking it down.  Pulling it apart.  And then meticulously reassembling it to bring it back to life once more.

One frantically scribbling down words.  Trying to keep up with the sporadic, brief bouts of creativity as they rush by.  Etching thoughts on to the paper, bringing fleeting ideas to life.

While diverse in the scale of things, both are a necessity.

(And also a bit messy.  :D)

Furry little Mess

siriusThis week will not let up.

I’ve been doing my best to get ahead of what feels like an avalanche coming down the mountain.  Work is piling up.  My daily stuff is being neglected.  I’m neglecting my self a bit.  And I’m running out of steam to keep up with everything.

On top of the truck being torn down and the blessing of a lot of work but not enough hours in the day, our newest member of the family, Sirius, hasn’t been feeling too hot.  As a result, a lot of my time is being taken up by cleaning him and his unintentional messes.

We did get him in to the vet, but they didn’t find anything wrong with him.  (No parasites, no fever, etc.)  He’s still tearing around the house like the little furry demon kitty he is and being extra cuddly, which is kind of gross considering he’s a bit of a mess right now.

Hoping an upgrade from kitten food to adult food might even out what’s going on with him.  If not, we’ll probably be looking at x-rays or bloodworm to find a blockage or something else wrong.  Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point.

crazy-cat-ladyIn other news, feel free to imagine me heading into the store in my Wonder Woman workout attire, covered in sweat, hair going nuts coming out of a pony tail shopping for cat food.

Yeah, I probably looked like a desperate cat lady when I left the store.  Cat food, cat food, cat food, 50 Shades of Grey, and Coffee.  I’m set.  😀

On the Night stand

I’ve been a pretty avid reader the last few months.  I should probably be tracking all of it on something like Good Reads for anyone that wants to keep up with it or not.  That might just be too much work for me though.

rupi-kaurI have a habit of walking in to book stores and just grabbing things that look interesting.  While I love books, I’m realizing that my compulsive book buying and carting books around everywhere is adding up.  I really should probably make the swap to a dedicated eReader so that I can always have multiple books with me wherever I go and stop adding to my back pain with the lugging multiple books around.

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a poetry kick.  A few months ago I ran across “Milk and Honey” from Rupi Kaur and was tickled when I found many of the poetic photos I had saved were from this book.  I put my favorite here in this post.

Another book I picked up when I purchased Milk and Honey was one called “I Wrote this for You.”  It was one of those that you pick up going “What’s this?” flip through a few pages and go “Yup, that’s coming home with me.”

While I’ve had it for a few months, I actually dug it back out, started it over, and finished it yesterday.  It’s kind of funny because the first few sections, I felt like an outsider reading personal letters, but then by the last 10-20 poems, I felt like the theme shifted and suddenly was speaking to the things I’m wrestling with right now.  God I love when things can do that to you.

What are you reading right now?  I’d love to hear your recommendations to add to my list of what to read.

The Boys

hard-workThey’ve been at it for a few months.  Working on our friend’s car that’s been misfiring and having issues.

It’s been hanging out in our garage for awhile now.  Since August or October.  (One of those two.)  And since the garage has been occupied we haven’t been able to start the tear down and rebuild on our truck.

But they finished putting it back together this weekend and had it roaring in our driveway.  (I even got to press the lever on the engine to make it rev a bit!)  It’s still having some hiccups, but it might just be the sensors since they weren’t replaced.

But it’s time to work on our truck.

I seriously admire these two and the things they’ve done together.  Way to go guys.

The Answer Is…

To the ultimate question…the answer is 42.

I’m adding to that answer list.

Yoga and Tea.

And still 42.

It seems like lately yoga and tea are the answer to everything.  Need to relax?  Pour a cup or  run through a sequence.  Need a pick me up?  A boost of energy?  A cup of caffeinated tea (hibiscus red is pretty delicious for that) or run through some sun salutations.  Sore?  Unbalanced?  Unsure?  Yoga and tea.

It’s pretty simple, but so easy to forget it seems.  The things that make us happy always seem to take a back seat.

But they’re always there.  Waiting for us to remember them and make use of them.