DPS woes 

The more I go into Nighthold normal with anyone group, or any Raid lately, I feel I’m just getting worse and worse with my DPS.

I’m 885 ilevel and only putting out around 260k dps?

I could have sworn it was 290k last week.

Now I’m sure a good portion of it is my legendaries are for Resto so I’m not getting any benefits from that.  (Yeah, I’m wearing them because the stats beat out those of what I had which were sitting at 850.)  And because I am constantly swapping around to fill whatever roles are needed (usually healing or dps) my gear is probably still a missmash of resto and balance gear.


Working on trying to fix this by swapping a few talents here and there, trying to fix the gear issues, praying to the RNG gods for proper legendaries and getting gear to swap the resto legendaries.

Of course, it could be I’m just that bad at Balance.  I hope that’s not the case.

A Bear Tanking 180

I have definitely been through a range of emotions this week.  Our little family felt like we took a pretty low blow early on this week, I got kicked around while down for a few days, and now, well I’m back to that state that I usually function in.  The one where I can and will do what I need and want to do, so get out of the way while I chase down whatever I’m going after.

This time, I feel a bit like it’s come complete with an “If you tell me I can’t, I will tell you to F off out the door.”

It’s a little combative, even though I’m not intentionally looking for a fight, but strangely, I feel good.  At ease.  Content maybe.

See, I’m one of those folks where I don’t think twice about going to bat for my friends.  Hurt them, pick on them, kick them when they’re down, and I will jump to their defense without a second thought.

But if it’s me?  I let it happen.  I try to find all the reasons why I deserve it and justify the abuse.

And that’s pretty stupid.  I should matter more than that and I do.

I do tend to remove myself from the situation when it gets to that point instead of just flat out confronting it, but even that doesn’t always solve anything.

So that’s where I am right now.  Not exactly grumpy, but maybe a little fired up.  I’m ready to bear tank whatever stupid crap (or people) life is going to throw at me.  I’ve got my tanking claws on, let’s go.

Anxiety Comics

tumblr_ojc3sxxhpx1sm41mbo1_500It’s safe to say, I’ve been feeling a little down this week.  Which usually ends up with me being really hard on myself.

That in turn ends up with my friends administering a Gibbs Smack to help me get back on track.

Saffie put donuts in front of me today and Irayna sent the following Article over: 18 Comics you Need to See if You’re Dealing with Anxiety.

I’ve gotta say, the artist (The Latest Kate) is pretty darn awesome.  If you’re ever in need of  a different perspective or reminder of how great you are and can be, you’ll find it on her Tumblr.

A little Jumbled

Seems like the migraines might be back in full force again.  Been fighting them off since Saturday afternoon.  I’m not sure if this one has been coming and going since then or I’m in a fresh new hell today.

Between everything yesterday, the weekend, and the headache, my thoughts are a little jumbled.

Going to see if I can take today to get them sorted out, whether this migraine goes away or not.  Back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans tomorrow.  Promise.