7.2 Thoughts of Fun

Thoughts so far with 7.2?  The Quests are neat.  I liked the intro to the Broken Shore and even the questline to empower the weapon, but dang, has Nighthold been a buggy piece. LOL

Invisible rings wiping us on Elisande. (Check the replay videos on my Twitch Channel.)  Gul’dan popping out invisible eyes with the Watcher.  It’s been fun.

But we did take him down in Heroic last night.  Well, they did. I got blown off the platform.  Go me.  🙂  Ahead of the Curve though seems to be bugged for most everyone.

A lot of folks have been talking about the mobs scaling with ilevel now.  I’m not sure I’ve really noticed it all that much.  Whether that’s because of my gear being low, or maybe it’s not working right for me?  Unless I accidentally pull 8 mobs, getting things down hasn’t been too bad.

What are your thoughts so far on 7.2?

Twitch it Up: Updated

Pretty sure I mentioned before that I’ve started streaming over on Twitch.

I’m fairly easy to find.  Still The Scruffy Druid, just like here and on Twitter.  Swing by and say “Hi” sometime!

Monday: 5pm -7pm CST World of Warcraft: Legion
Tuesday: 7pm-10pm CST Progression Raid with Warcraftier
Wednesday: 7pm-10pm CST Progression Raid with Warcraftier
Thursday: Unscheduled
Friday: 6pm – ??? CST Dysfunctional Couples Gaming with Appel (Legion or Heroes of the Storm)
Saturday: Noon – 2 or 4 CST Warcraft and Chill (PVP, Questing, Alt leveling)
7-11 pm CST Nighthold Normal Alt Raid with Warcraftier
Sunday: Undecided

Welcome to 7.2

It’s patch day!  It looks like servers will be down for most of the day and since Warcraftier has Heroic Nighthold starting at 7pm CST, the guild has recommended all of us use our time wisely to boost ourselves a bit more.

Curious what we’ll be doing?  Here’s what was recommended (Thanks to the Dreamgrove Druid Discord Resto Section, that got it from the Marksman Hunter Discord who got it from who knows where!):

  • Pick up weekly quest, but do NOT open weekly M+ cache.
  • Talk to Khadgar and complete Broken Shore scenario to unlock the zone.
  • Ignore all Legion Assaults in old zones and Broken Shore world quests if they have over an hour remaining as we’ll need to do them for quests later. (These will actually start the next week)
  • Pick up these three quests, “Seeking Lost Knowledge”, “Aalgen Points”, “Legionfall Supplies”
  • Complete the flight path unlock quests and skip the base building one.
  • Complete “Seeking Lost Knowledge” while you’re unlocking flight points
  •  Follow Khadgar’s questline so you can start artifact knowledge research immediately, and this questline also gives you AK 26 which is FOUR times as powerful as AK 25. (now you can open your m+ cache)
  • Head back to the broken shore and complete base building quest, choose whatever you want but note that to unlock the new appearances you need to access the mage tower – but the entire building is region wide so going with whatever is winning seems to be the best bet
  • Talk to Maiev and get a quest to complete the Legion Assaults – hop over and complete one (hence why you didn’t complete it earlier) – also complete the 3 people scenario associated
  • Talk to Khadgar and complete his questline to unlock new traits (requires you to have 36 or more traits)
  • There should pop up quests for Cathedral and one to unlock a new follower, but they aren’t consistent on PTR
  • After completing the follower questline you are able to research the new order hall traits – These will in total take 6 days to research and cost 25.000 order resources so start hoarding those if you don’t have them already.
  • Now get back to farming AP — ALL ABOARD THE NAGLFAR

Also a head’s up, while I haven’t streamed it in the past (because I felt like I was more of a hindrance when I jumped into Heroic Nighthold,) Warcraftier does have three to four active members who are streamers on Twitch.  Myself being one of them.  They’ve been very encouraging to stream whatever we’re up to, along with the schedule I have, and have helped me smooth some things out on my feed.

Tonight, I’ll start streaming the Balance Druid POV.  Granted, I’m still under geared compared to my guild mates, but we have music now and as always, I provide the sass and snark when I die.  🙂  Hope to see you there, starting at 7pm CST.

Demons, Rogues, and Druids

“You cannot help those that don’t wish to be helped, you know.  People cannot see their flaws if they have no desire to see them in the first place,” he told her sternly.

The night elf meant well, but she was still conflicted.

“But it goes against my nature not to try and help.”

Elcinryge pulled off his mask and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Your nature is killing you here, but there are other places that could benefit from your attention.  They will have to put the pieces back on their own in their own time.  But you and I?  We can still fight against the Legion.  If we do that, in our own way, we’ll still be protecting them.  It is the bigger threat than the one they pose to themselves.”

The Worgen looked at the weapons before her.  A pair of daggers.  A pair of fist weapons shaped like giant bear paws.  A staff carved into the shape of an owl with its wings spread wide.  And a large scythe that glowed like the moon.  With a pained look, she reached out a clawed hand and lightly touched the staff.  Before she could dwell too much on the pulsing energy flowing from nature that hummed within the wood, she quickly wrapped up the weapons save the scythe into a blanket and tied it shut.  It would be a long journey and she couldn’t afford to lose them.

Grabbing the scythe, she turned back to the Night elf.  Elcinryge flashed her a grim smile before pulling his hood back down.  Baring her teeth in a cruel smirk she nodded.

“You’re right.  It’s time to focus on the Broken Shore.  What happens to Suramar City and it’s Citizens after the fall of the Nighthold will have to be up to the Nightfallen and the residents of Suramar.  We can’t do it for them.  To the next adventure.”

(7.2 tomorrow!  Who’s ready?!)

Poetry Corner: State of the Future

State of the Future

Some people just ant to watch the world burn,
But not all.
Most people just want to make it through another day,
To live and let live.
To make the most of what they have.
Some people want to make the world a better place
To leave it better than they found it,
To preserve what could be lost
And change outdated practices so they’re gone for good.
Some people think the world is a better place now
As it works out in favor of their own benefit,
They want to leave outdated practices they don’t use
And use up resources we’ll eventually run out of.

Most people want a change.
Some people want a revolution.
We all need a revelation,
An understanding,
That we are all in this together,
For better,
Or worse.
Together, better is a possibility.
But against each other,
A better, bright future is just a dream.

Iron Fist

New Marvel Series Iron Fist hit Netflix last week.  Most of my friends have binged watched it through already.

Not only am I behind, but this also made me realize I hadn’t actually finished watching Daredevil Season two.  Oops.  Or Luke Cage!  Ack!

But I went ahead and started it anyways.

So far, I’m liking it, but I do feel like it’s a little slow to ramp up.  I don’t think I’m enjoying the fight scenes nearly as much as I have before in Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but the story so far is keeping me engaged.

How about you?  No spoilers mind you, but have you binged the whole season yet?  Give up on it?  Or are you interested at all? Let me know!