Poetry Corner: Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

I will stand at the edge of the bridge
holding a pack of matches
just shy of an eternity
dealing out second chance after second chance.

But when enough is enough,
I’ve been pushed too far,
And that line as been crossed again,
For the last time,
I won’t just burn the bridge down.
I’ll torch every construction company
and search and rescue crews
To ensure that there’s no hope of coming back
from that pile of rubble we’ve created between us.

Weekly Raid Thoughts

This week has been all over the place!

Monday I picked up some weird stomach bug.  Went to bed with a fever.

Thought I had kicked it by Tuesday, but when it came our Heroic Nighthold raid time, it started making an appearance again.

Enter in the night of Scruffy dies.  A lot.

I’m not sure what the heck was going on, but dang.  I was pulling aggro on mobs.  Dying to silly things.  Not moving quick enough, which is already one of my weak points.  Accidentally pulling Spellblade with the very edge and on the very last tick of Starfall.  You know, I’m pretty sure I probably died to just about every boss.  Especially the ones I don’t usually die to.

I was pretty mortified.  Even more so than usual, but as Ser says, everyone has an off night now and again.

Gul’dan was our only target left Wednesday night to take down in Heroic and we made pretty quick work of him.  And yes!  It is possible to flap off the top of the tower down to the courtyard without killing yourself.  Neat trick, Druid friends!

Even though Mythic raids are supposed to be Mondays and Thursdays and I have opted to sit them out, we found ourselves with enough people and trekking back into the Nighthold.WC_MChronomatic Anomaly

Skorpyron fell to our group again and we went back to work on Chronomatic Anomaly.

I’m thrilled to say, even though it took several attempts and I died in the last few moments of his lifespan, we have successfully taken Chronomatic Anomaly.


That’s right!  Took three attempts for Trilliax, but he’s down too!  We’re 3/10M now!

I’m still not a hardcore number cruncher, but I’m a pretty lucky Druid Lady that Warcraftier takes me along on these adventures.  It has truly been an absolute blast so far!

If you’d like to check out the kills, I’ve started a little collection on my Twitch Channel.  They’re not super polished right now, but they’re something. 🙂


Irrational Fear #042617

The guys: “We should get the band thing going again and start booking more shows.  Would you be on board with that?”

Me in my head: “I’m a 30 something chick with a neck/shoulder issue that isn’t getting any better.  How badly can I hurt myself doing this?”

Me aloud: “Absolutely.”

Seriously though.  I already made it hurt worse a few practices ago just by bobbing my head to the beat.  Are there any cases out there of someone’s head flying off due to head banging or jumping around too much?

When I Write

I do a fair amount of writing.  Most days I personally feel I don’t do enough.  At least, not of what I’d like to do, but writer’s block kind of stinks like that.

I think I might have covered it a bit back when we were talking about my Quest Log, or when I was doing NaNoWriMo2016 that I realized it had been about 6 or 7 years that I hadn’t wrote anything.  No lyrics.  No stories.  No snippets of anything.

It was a really odd place to be in.  To discover that fire that had always been there was just gone.  Or maybe too dim to produce any type of notice to the rest of myself.

I’ve tried to feed the spark I’ve found over the last 6 months to get it going again and yes, I realize it’s not exactly what I want to be writing, it’s something.

I do notice that a majority of my Poetry Corner musings are pretty dark, mostly addressing Anxiety and Depression, but I do want you to know that most of what makes it here isn’t recent work.  It’s stuff I’ve jotted down over the last few months to get it outside my head and I’ve come back to to rework it.

For those that reached out and expressed concern this last week, you’re amazing.  I do promise I’m just fine.  I’ve just found that getting it out of my head makes it a world easier for my head to process just about anything.

And I also write about the darker stuff because it’s real and there are plenty of others out there going through it.  I’m just trying to take the somethings that are dark in me and not only make sense of them and work through them, but make something better out of it.

And if someone stumbles across them, reads them and thinks “Hey, me too!” I hope they feel like me and think it’s nice to not be alone.


Poetry Corner: When I’m Broken

When I say “I’m broken,” it doesn’t mean the end.
A sign that reads “Caution! Fragile! Handle with Care.”
Where every step is met with the worry
That the next stumble could shatter this frame apart.

Broken means there is still hope.
There is still time to try and fix it.
To strengthen the foundation
so the cracks don’t deepen.

Broken doesn’t mean over.

Because when I’m past broken, it’s the end.
It’s finally too much and it’s over.

Warcraft Stories

It’s no secret I enjoy the lore of Warcraft and stories that people come up with.

I’ve actually been reading Paragons right now, which has me geeking out about story lines with each one I finish.

So when Dark Mirror was released this week, it sent me into a little bit of a geek frenzy.

The Blightcaller was a terror in Vanilla WoW.  I was killed by him several times for straying just a bit too close to the Marris Steed.

The encounters between him and Greymane this expansion had me curious about his updated model and then reading one of the Paragon tales about Lor’themar Theron where Nathanos is mentioned a good fair bit, Dark Mirror is very timely for me.

Blizz did good.  Be sure to read it and let me know what you think!