RP Spotlight Event: Walking with the Elements

For the Roleplayers and those that love lore, be sure to check out this week’s RP Spotlight, which is actually an ongoing event.

Walking with the Elements is a series of lectures and lessons about Shamanism from Thaettir on Cenarion Circle.

Event_Walking with the Elements_Thaettir_Cenarion Circle

Event_Walking with the Elements_Thaettir_Cenarion Circle_June 2

That’s right!  The next lecture is this Friday on Cenarion Circle.  For more details about the event or and where to find the past lectures, click here.

Gamers Everywhere

Part of our little Warcraft Food and games weekend this past Sunday was either going to be Cards Against Humanity or Magic the Gathering.  Both boxes came out, but the fact Mr. Scruffy and I bought event decks a couple years ago and have only actually played with them once which was when we were taught how to play meant we were going to brush up on them before anything else.IMG_4637

What followed was a two hour battle between four people at my dining room table.  Yeah.  Four hours.  Keep in mind that Saffie is just learning to play but had a pretty good idea what her Green/Forest deck had in it.  Mr. Scruffy and I had no clue what was in ours (Red and blue for me and Blue and White for him…no planeswalkers right now) or really how they worked in the first place and needed a refresher on how to actually play the game.  We were definitely pretty slow on our reaction time.

I actually won that first game!  But halfway through our buddy and drummer friend shows up to pick things up from Friday’s show.  He watches us play a bit then says “I need a deck.  I’m in the next game.”

IMG_4636Round two went for another 2 hours as we were up to five players duking it out.  I was murdered and the drummer killed everyone with the blue deck Saffie’s boyfriend passed him to play a game with.

There was a lot of laughing and mostly friendly threats at each other.  We’ve decided we all hate walls.  All walls must fall.  🙂

And afterwards, Mr. Scruffy and I ran out to get two more event decks of different mana combinations to work on learning.  We played a few more games with them together after our buddies left and while we’re struggling to grasp Artifacts and Improvisation (And those dang Planeswalkers) we’re happily geeking out.

We should have seen this coming.  😀


Warcraft Food Weekend

Saffie’s boyfriend decided/suggested a couple weekends ago that we should do a Warcraft food and game day.  (Refresher, Saffie talked/pushed me in to buying the Warcraft Cookbook and so far, I’ve only made the Herb Baked Eggs and Jerky out of it.  Saffie is also one of my mods on the Twitch Channel!)

Can’t lie.  It was a pretty dang glorious day of getting fat.  Possibly eating way too much.  Definitely eating way too much.  Forest Strider Drumsticks (pg 125), Sauteed Carrots (pg 45), and Essential Brewfest Pretzels and Cheddar-Beer Dip (Pgs 74 and 75.)  My pretzel making, bending?, needs quite a bit of work, but they came out pretty darn well.  (Thanks @Goos_rum for helping me with the tips and tricks for finding a place to let dough rise!)

Saffie’s guy even brought a little present too!  An old Warcraft TCG card with a pet code!

And he brought some games which I’ll tell you about tomorrow, because we kind of went a little over board, in true Scruffy fashion. 🙂

There was also more cake.  And Conjured Mana Strudel (pg 159.)  It was a wonderfully amazing time with friends.  Thanks guys!

Still a stuffed druid today.  Oye.

HRC: The Sirius Half Marathon

I am still not a runner.

But I am still on a quest to do so much good.

Hogwarts Running Club posted up their newest event, which is The Sirius Half Marathon.

While you can find details at the link above, here’s a quick snippet about the charity partner for this event:

Hogwarts Running Club is pleased to present our fourth event of 2017

The Sirius Half Marathon!
Our fourth event of 2017 celebrates one of the most beloved characters from the wizarding world: Sirius Black! A devoted friend, loving godfather and talented wizard, Sirius rejected pure-blood mania and chose to do what was right. Your registration includes this awesome 3″ medal, custom sublimated ribbon, and your own personalized digital bib!
We are speaking for veterans who can’t speak for themselves. Your participation will directly support Mission K9 Rescue and their mission to rescue, reunite, re-home, rehabilitate and repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity. Please visit http://missionk9rescue.org/ to learn more.
What better way to remember Sirius than a shirt with all of his wise words! The shirts feature Sirius in his animagus form, Padfoot, and many of Sirius’ best quotes. All proceeds from the event shirts will also go to Mission K9 Rescue. You can get your shirt at: https://www.booster.com/sirius-half-marathon
The suggested run date for this event is Sunday, June 18th. The anniversary of the Battle of Department of Mysteries and the day we lost Sirius. Remember, this is only a fun suggestion. You are welcome to complete your half-marathon whenever you want…and since this is a VIRTUAL run, you do NOT have to do it all in one shot! If you are not ready to do the whole 13.1 miles, break it up any way you want!

If you’re interested in running, you should check them out.

If you’re interested in doing some good for charity, you should check them out.

If you’re both of the above and a Harry Potter nerd, check them out.

(I’m the last two.  But I have two legs and can walk, so I can get some miles in for the Gryffindor House.)

I got myself signed up and even ordered a shirt, because it’s amazing!  I hope you’ll join us!  And do #somuchgood!

RP Spotlight: Fury Reborn

This week’s RP spotlight comes from a rogue I was pretty excited to see running around the Broken Isles.  (Even waving at me and not stabbing me!)

Click here to read the full story of Fury Reborn, from Harmarth from Cenarion Circle.

Don’t forget the gifts

Hey friends!  It’s my birthday!  Which means you have until my stream ends tonight to get yourself entered to win the $20 Bnet card I’m giving away!

Follow me on Twitter.  Retweet the pinned tweet.  Super easy stuff.  And then I’ll give away the presents!

Good Luck!