Hi!  I’m Scruffy!  In short, I’m a…

Raider and Member of Warcraftier on Cenarion Circle, World of Warcraft Streamer and member of Girl Streamers, voice artist, Writer, RPer, casual PVPer, aspiring raider, married to Elcinryge the rogue, and all around Scruffy Druid Lady.


How I came to Warcraft…

When World of Warcraft first came to my attention, I really wanted to play a hunter. Unfortunately, the guy I was seeing at the time forbid me from rolling one because there were “Too many Nelfs with frickin’ cats” already. So I rolled an undead warlock instead, because they were “really hard to play.”

I bounced between a warlock and a rogue through Vanilla, but always wanted to play a druid. One day before Burning Crusade, I hit 60 and healed a ridiculous amount of dead side Stratholme while refusing to become a tree.

Burning Crusade was spent between rogues and priests, but I got that Druid to 70 once I figured out how to be a feral cat, got to do the Epic Flight form quest, fell off of Netherstorm a bunch of times and lived thanks to flight form, and even became a main tank through Karazhan until lack of healers put me back on a priest through the rest of the expansion and through Wrath of the Lich King.

I’ve been an enhancement and resto shaman, a protection and retribution paladin (which ret I will proclaim was awful through out Cataclysm) and I dabbled with DPS as a shadow priest for a bit in Mists of Pandaria before the raid was out of healers once again.

There’s a few things I’m certain of. I still love healing, whether it’s in a dungeon, raid or pvp setting, but I’m trying to work on better a better Balance druid. I still like to Role Play occasionally and it’s why I can’t really leave my home server. I still want to play that darn druid and I will probably hate number crunching and theory crafting until WoW is no more.

Shenanigans as told through Bear, Cat, and myself the druid lady, on The Scruffy Druid.

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