Healers are great and all…

Healers are great and all. I should know.  I usually end up playing one in some form or another.

And any time you enter into a battleground, you immediately notice how many you have or better yet, don’t have.

I’ve been pretty lucky to meet some awesome folks PvPing as a healer.  It’s nice to know there are still some folks out there that know how to protect their healers.  Like the paladin that tossed a bubble on me before I was completely taken out during an Alterac Valley game where we were constantly stopping the Horde from taking our Graveyard.  Or the really neat Deathknight I met in Battle for Giles that stuck around with my friends and I after I shifted to healing to break that “Why are there no healers here” curse we run into more often than not.

With the holidays, I’ve found myself buried in work trying to stay caught up.  (That’s not going so well, but I’m getting there.)  I really haven’t had too much time to log on lately.

I did get suckered in to a quick game the other day and of course, no healers.

Yes, I know I could have been our healer, but when you’re slammed with work and need a quick break, trying to keep 10-15 people alive while 10-15 other people beat the snot out of you is not my idea of a sanity break.  I need carnage that isn’t my own destruction.  I need to drop moons on people.

So there we are, no healers, the Horde has 4 or 5 healers and everyone in our Alliance group is already freaking out at the gates of Kotmogu.

I’ll admit, it was a bit dicey at first, but once we found a rhythm and realized they loved to bunch up a lot, it was probably the best game I’ve had a chance to play lately.  Not only did we win, but by a pretty nice margin.  And it’s absolutely satisfying to drop a giant moon on 4-5 Horde healers at the same time.

Sweet victory!

Family Duels

In our little guild, we have a list of people that need to be nerfed.  (This is all in good fun, so Blizzard, please don’t nerf us.)

There are three people consistently on that list.

One of our hunter’s, primarily because he’s one of those rare folks that refuses to run any type of meter or check his DPS, rarely cares where he ranks on them, and always thinks he is probably at the bottom…and he’s always at the top.  Or close to it.

My druid, which is probably more a joke, but who wants to argue with what Qale and Mord say?  She was tossed on there back in Mogu’shan Vaults when she was switched from Feral to Restoration.  Once she had some healing gear (and a mana pool that stuck around a bit), they keep saying I need a nerf.

And at the top of the list…is Dereus.

Yes.  Dereus, my wonderful Twin that whenever we get together, we break something.

He gets the top spot for his uncanny ability for soloing bosses.  (He apparently tanked Nefarian down to 1% during Cata after the raid wiped.)  He solo survived Ultraxion when we foolishly tried to duo/trio? him on 25 man heroic at the beginning of Pandaria, before we were well geared.  He pulled an entire boat full of dinosaurs and trolls (the one out on the Isle of Giants with the big elite troll caster) and (with some heals from me) held them all while he and Qale killed them.  He is constantly the last man standing when told to wipe the encounter because the man just won’t die.

There are times he has to turn his back to the bosses, sit down, and watch Netflix so he won’t accidentally rip aggro from the other tank.

He’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in and out of game.

Last expansion, when I was doing a lot of PVP as a Shadow Priest, we thought we’d try to duel each other.  Turns out, he’s unkillable there as well.  I was too apparently, because the duel went for about 10 minutes before he got stuck in a wall when I feared him.  Best I could do was get him down to 25-50% health before his “I’m a little Pally and I won’t die” would kick in and he’d be at full health again.

We laughed, a lot actually, but never really tried again.

Until this week.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 2.01.34 PMJust for kicks, I thought I’d give it another go…on my hunter.  The one that just hit 100 a week ago.

This is something that will never happen again, but I did it.  I got him down and won the duel!  Woo!

We tried again today and sure enough, he beat the snot out of me.  He learns quick, so confusing him with Stampede wouldn’t work this time around.

Dueling with friends is awesome because you can work out what works and what doesn’t.  Today, I swapped around talents and tried different combinations and by the third duel, I still couldn’t beat him, but he was well within Kill Shot range and he actually had to bubble.  (He didn’t have to on the first two today.)  I realize I have to work on my mobility a lot and get better with my rotation to tangle him up a bit.  Remember, he can’t hit me if he can’t reach me.  🙂

To Dereus!  He’s the training dummy that fights back and kicks my arse!  Just another reason why he’s awesome.  Please Blizzard don’t nerf him.  I need to heal him Mondays and Wednesdays!

Clearly not “That” Druid

I can’t possibly be the only one when it comes to PVP that has a love hate relationship with Druids.

When I started PvPing as a rogue in Vanilla, dear lord I hated Druids.  They were just impossible to kill.  I remember one just laughing in Gurubashi arena as he tossed rejuvs on himself as I furiously tried to kill him.

10 years later, the majority are still impossible for me to kill.  The shifting.  The versatility (not the stat).  The mobility.  Any time I see one, I usually run the other way…

Because I am not that type of Druid.  I’m usually okay, but I am not one of those Druids that is insanely hard to take down.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to be, and I certainly try to better myself so maybe one day I can be, but as much as I love to PVP, I’m just not as quick with my reaction and rotation as others.

I have my days where I’m pretty awesome at it, but this expansion, that’s really not the case.

So far, I haven’t really gotten in to PVP that much because our internet connection wasn’t very stable or able to let me even see opponents when I’d try to PVP.  We finally got moved and settled and I have a decent connection, but I still didn’t really grab the opportunity to do much of it, which means I have no gear whatsoever on Silent.  (And with the conquest nerf, that’s going to be a slow grind I believe.)

Regardless, the guys got me going in 3v3 last night.  Last expansion, I primarily ran with two hunters.  Looks like this season, we’ll be having some fun as a hunter/death knight/druid team.  Once I get a bit more gear, I think I’ll feel better about arenas again, because being blown up by all the things is just no fun.

On the bright side, we did go out with a bang.  We flipped specs around throughout our run.  Our last match, our DK went tank while I boomkin’d it out a bit.  That feeling of exploding something is always pretty awesome!  Especially when you blow up two paladins and a hunter.

Looking forward to another round.  Cheers!

Bit by the Bug

I’ve still been pretty hesitant to jump back in to PVP since the last few times I’ve tried, it hasn’t loaded properly and the lag has killed me.  (And probably my computer as well.)

But I’ve wanted to.  Really wanted to.  Even popping in to Vladire’s garrison the other day while we were testing the transmog guys (mine apparently just hates me) I noticed he had the Gladiator’s Sanctum.  I’ve been considering ripping out my trading post and putting one in, especially for a shot at the title: Lady of War.

My arena buddies even keep prompting me to do it more, and aside from the “Oh god, is it going to work?  Will I be able to move?!” I just haven’t found the time.

This morning though, I got a huge rush to jump back in.  Hell, maybe even give it a go as a Balance Druid which I have been struggling more and more to enjoy.

Figured I’d give another go at the Music Roll: Angelic this morning.  Last night became a blood bath at the arena, which was fun, but didn’t really work out for me.  Thought I would pop by before work really kicked up this morning and it became a showdown between a Horde Shadow Priest and myself.

That belf was geared to the teeth.  Full Warlord’s Season 1 gear and pieces filled in by Heroic and Mythic gear.  (I’m sitting in Normal and some Heroic Pieces.)  I thought for sure she’d make quick work of me but we ended up having a really good fight and I flew away with about 30k health left and the music roll.

That awesome rush along with a cup of coffee this morning and I’m buzzing with the thought of jumping back into PVP more.  Maybe not just as a healer, but as a boomkin.  Maybe I’ll jump in a bit this afternoon.

Happy hunting everyone!