RP Spotlight: Donations for the Front

Over on the Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune forums this week, there’s an Open RP going for both Horde and Alliance.  (Open meaning feel free to jump in and contribute.

Donations for the Front-Derscha-Cenarion Circle

A great idea, Derscha!  Click here to check out everyone’s contributions or contribute as well.

RP Spotlight Event: Walking with the Elements

For the Roleplayers and those that love lore, be sure to check out this week’s RP Spotlight, which is actually an ongoing event.

Walking with the Elements is a series of lectures and lessons about Shamanism from Thaettir on Cenarion Circle.

Event_Walking with the Elements_Thaettir_Cenarion Circle

Event_Walking with the Elements_Thaettir_Cenarion Circle_June 2

That’s right!  The next lecture is this Friday on Cenarion Circle.  For more details about the event or and where to find the past lectures, click here.

RP Spotlight: Fury Reborn

This week’s RP spotlight comes from a rogue I was pretty excited to see running around the Broken Isles.  (Even waving at me and not stabbing me!)

Click here to read the full story of Fury Reborn, from Harmarth from Cenarion Circle.

RP Spotlight: Time Spent Behind Bars

I’d like to start showcasing some of the stories that players come up with.  If you’d like to be featured, DM me on Twitter or comment and point me towards your tale!

To start with, I ran across one from a guild mate of mine, Cri from Warcraftier on Cenarion Circle.  I realize it was posted some time ago, but I’d love to know what happened.  Maybe I’ll poke them and see if they can let us know.

Time Spent behind Bars-Cri-Cenarion Circle

Want to read the full story?  Click Here!