Roles and Lore

And then suddenly the influx of druids we had are now….



… hunters?  What the?

Not really sure what’s going on now.  Not sure if all druids decided to switch or not, but Tuesday’s raid only had one druid in it…Serbear.  As a boomie.  Not a bear.  The heck?

Awesome news, I’ll be joining fellow GirlStreamer emixpemix on her stream as a guest on Saturday.  You might recognize her from hanging out in chat during my midday stream.  She’s across the pond and on Saturdays, usually right after my stream, she’s streaming and talking about the Warcraft lore.

The story is a big part of what hooked me to World of Warcraft in the first place and I used to be well versed in it.  I’m a tad rusty, but I’m really looking forward to this stream.  I’ll admit that this weekend’s topic, The War of the Ancients, isn’t one that I know a great deal about, but I’ve noticed, there’s a lot of current Legion content that deals with that event.  (Have you caught it?)

I hope you’ll join us!  3pm CST (10pm Em’s time!) on emixpemix’s channel.

Who to Pew pew

I think a lot of Boomkins are frustrated this expansion.  I want so much to be on par with everyone else, but I feel like I just keep falling short.

And then here’s my hunter, already putting out the same numbers with less gear.

So the question is, who to play in Tomb?  Because they’re both fun to play.  But I feel like I’m holding everyone back on the Druid.  But who’s to say I won’t hold them back on the Hunter?


Demon Hunter Overboard

WoWScrnShot_051417_131142A couple months ago, my husband and I streamed the play through for the Demon Hunters.  It took us that long because there’s just so much to do this expansion.  /cough cough, farm AP until you die…

We got through it.  Went to Stormheim, and there they sat.

This weekend, I pulled mine out to tool around on and ended up getting a little overly in to it.  Slicey Dicey Demon Scruffy came out to play and went from 101 to 107.  I revisited her during yesterday’s stream where she went to 108.  (And off a cliff.  Thanks Fel Rush.  And Thanks Farondis, for not helping me at all and just waltzing back to your broken down palace.  Sheesh.)

I’ve gotta tell ya, one moment I feel amazingly powerful and awesome!

And then the next, I’m killed by two measly demons or naga.  It’s kind of an all or nothing.  Probably more to do with the fact I’ve been playing my druid so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a tad under geared.  I’m a little squishy.

But it’s fun and maybe I’ll actually have another 110 before the next expansion. 🙂

Also, gliding from Dalaran to anywhere is the best way to travel.  Even if flying is faster.

Barrage all the things!

I might have mentioned it once.  When I was introduced to WoW, I wanted to play a hunter.  The guy I was dating didn’t want me to because Night Elf hunters with Sabers were everywhere.  So clearly, I became and undead warlock.  /chuckle

Every expansion, I always seem to bounce around a bit, filling out roles we don’t have, etc.  There’s been a couple characters I’ve made just for the heck of it that I found myself enjoying and didn’t really want to stop playing.  There was my Enhancement Shaman back in Wrath of the Lich King, my Paladin that I finally leveled in Cataclysm (I just couldn’t get those guys past 20), and the druid I came back to after so many expansions had already passed.

We’re still missing a few things on the Stay Classy Achievement, one was a human hunter, and since Garrosh saw it fit to give a Druid a freaking Bow, that same Druid who also got the Legendary Bow Drop from Sunwell, it just really seemed that Blizzard wanted the only person that could never level a hunter past 30 to be a hunter.

I’ve tried.  Really, I have.  I have a couple of level 10’s maybe floating around on various servers that were started in Vanilla.  Even my very first heirloom was the mail chest piece for a hunter.  Even then, I ended up deleting her around level 30.

Now, I’ve always liked them.  Even when you had to feed your pet and keep it’s mood up so it wouldn’t leave you.  Once I even had a Horde Tauren hunter (in the 30’s of course) that I did some PVP on and was complimented for being pretty good at it for that level by an alt of a guy in one of the top PVP guilds on our server at the time.  (WING CLIP FOR THE WIN!)

Still, could not level them.

Apparently, I still can’t.  I got her to 60 and said to hell with it and boosted her.  My want to start the Gara Tame line and max out another set of professions for the achievement was just too great.  Not to mention, I didn’t want to mess around in Hellfire for what seems like the 100th time.

I’ve had the free boost sitting and waiting to be used since I picked up WOD and I wouldn’t mind using another one or two for a few other characters.  The walk through on your abilities was pretty helpful, even though it kind of freaked me out at first since everything I had on my bars was gone and I had to rebuild everything.  (Also, yeah for free flying all the places!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.09.11 PMAnywho, she’s kind of an ugly human, I have no clue how I’m going to transmog her because I really don’t  care much for any of the armor sets (except for the two widely used sets on my server, that would be this one and this one.)  I completed the Gara tame line yesterday and I think I love her a bit more now.

And Barrage.  Barrage is awesome.  Because for me it’s the equivalent of Starfall.  Just like with Starfall, you’re going to get all the things, but it’s better, because as a hunter (unless you’re Lone Wolf Specced), you’ve got a buddy to grab all the new friends you’ve made.  It’s perfectly fine to grab all the things as long as you have a way to keep them off of you so you can kill them all.  As a Druid, I use a tank friend who’s less than thrilled about it.  As a hunter, I’m using the furry friend that I no longer have to feed to perk him back up.  I can’t always say the same thing about using a tank friend. >.>

So that’s where I’m at right now.  How about you?  What trouble are you getting up to in Draenor?