Melting Druid

It’s no fun when you get home from work, have about 15 minutes to get a stream set up and ready for raid, then discover your AC isn’t actually working and it’s about 10 degrees hotter than what it should be in your house.

And for it to continue not working all during raid as you are making attempt after attempt on KJ.

That’s a dying druid. In more ways than one.

AC should be fixed sometime this summer when they finally get the heating and cooling company to come out and redo the duct work.  Some day.  No biggie. I know my friends across the pond are having a worse time of it than I.  Stay hydrated everyone.

As for TOS, make sure when you go in there, you check out the scenery.  Night one, we went 6/9 on normal.  We hit Maiden about 10-15 minutes before our stop time and our mechanics were a tad off.  Going back in last night to try to finish it up though, it too a few tries, but we got our movement down a bit better.

1: make sure your fel and light groups are standing on their respective tanks

2: rotate the infusion swaps the same way each time, as in move around the boss to your left, so you’re not crossing each other

3: When you have the bomb, jump in the hole at the halfway mark, not the 2 seconds left mark, to keep from killing yourself with fall damage.

4: Move as a group to the boss when she’s doing her shield so you can collect the bubbles together.  One person running ahead can screw the entire side out of a decent buff to their damage and healing.  Not cool.

Once you get that down a bit better, it’s not too shabby.  Granted, those might change in Heroic and Above, but for now, that worked much better once everyone was working together properly.

Fallen Avatar wasn’t too bad either.  Making sure the add is moved in a timely fashion to get to the where the next beam will be needs some work and better coordination.

But KJ.  Man, he’s a jerk.  He hits the tanks like a freight train.  Trying not to soak more than one Armageddon at a time so the debuff doesn’t kill you or piss your healers off gets dicey during the first intermission where it comes more frequently.

Getting through intermission 2 into phase 3 happened a few times, but not enough to be completely successful.  Oddly, it seems phase 3 was a heck of a lot easier than the first two though.

I suspect he’ll go down next week if we don’t go back in Monday and finish the job.

All in all, it’s a pretty neat raid so far.  Druid approved!

RP Spotlight: Donations for the Front

Over on the Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune forums this week, there’s an Open RP going for both Horde and Alliance.  (Open meaning feel free to jump in and contribute.

Donations for the Front-Derscha-Cenarion Circle

A great idea, Derscha!  Click here to check out everyone’s contributions or contribute as well.

RP Spotlight Event: Walking with the Elements

For the Roleplayers and those that love lore, be sure to check out this week’s RP Spotlight, which is actually an ongoing event.

Walking with the Elements is a series of lectures and lessons about Shamanism from Thaettir on Cenarion Circle.

Event_Walking with the Elements_Thaettir_Cenarion Circle

Event_Walking with the Elements_Thaettir_Cenarion Circle_June 2

That’s right!  The next lecture is this Friday on Cenarion Circle.  For more details about the event or and where to find the past lectures, click here.

Gamers Everywhere

Part of our little Warcraft Food and games weekend this past Sunday was either going to be Cards Against Humanity or Magic the Gathering.  Both boxes came out, but the fact Mr. Scruffy and I bought event decks a couple years ago and have only actually played with them once which was when we were taught how to play meant we were going to brush up on them before anything else.IMG_4637

What followed was a two hour battle between four people at my dining room table.  Yeah.  Four hours.  Keep in mind that Saffie is just learning to play but had a pretty good idea what her Green/Forest deck had in it.  Mr. Scruffy and I had no clue what was in ours (Red and blue for me and Blue and White for him…no planeswalkers right now) or really how they worked in the first place and needed a refresher on how to actually play the game.  We were definitely pretty slow on our reaction time.

I actually won that first game!  But halfway through our buddy and drummer friend shows up to pick things up from Friday’s show.  He watches us play a bit then says “I need a deck.  I’m in the next game.”

IMG_4636Round two went for another 2 hours as we were up to five players duking it out.  I was murdered and the drummer killed everyone with the blue deck Saffie’s boyfriend passed him to play a game with.

There was a lot of laughing and mostly friendly threats at each other.  We’ve decided we all hate walls.  All walls must fall.  🙂

And afterwards, Mr. Scruffy and I ran out to get two more event decks of different mana combinations to work on learning.  We played a few more games with them together after our buddies left and while we’re struggling to grasp Artifacts and Improvisation (And those dang Planeswalkers) we’re happily geeking out.

We should have seen this coming.  😀


RP Spotlight: Time Spent Behind Bars

I’d like to start showcasing some of the stories that players come up with.  If you’d like to be featured, DM me on Twitter or comment and point me towards your tale!

To start with, I ran across one from a guild mate of mine, Cri from Warcraftier on Cenarion Circle.  I realize it was posted some time ago, but I’d love to know what happened.  Maybe I’ll poke them and see if they can let us know.

Time Spent behind Bars-Cri-Cenarion Circle

Want to read the full story?  Click Here!