RP Spotlight: Time Spent Behind Bars

I’d like to start showcasing some of the stories that players come up with.  If you’d like to be featured, DM me on Twitter or comment and point me towards your tale!

To start with, I ran across one from a guild mate of mine, Cri from Warcraftier on Cenarion Circle.  I realize it was posted some time ago, but I’d love to know what happened.  Maybe I’ll poke them and see if they can let us know.

Time Spent behind Bars-Cri-Cenarion Circle

Want to read the full story?  Click Here!

Demons, Rogues, and Druids

“You cannot help those that don’t wish to be helped, you know.  People cannot see their flaws if they have no desire to see them in the first place,” he told her sternly.

The night elf meant well, but she was still conflicted.

“But it goes against my nature not to try and help.”

Elcinryge pulled off his mask and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Your nature is killing you here, but there are other places that could benefit from your attention.  They will have to put the pieces back on their own in their own time.  But you and I?  We can still fight against the Legion.  If we do that, in our own way, we’ll still be protecting them.  It is the bigger threat than the one they pose to themselves.”

The Worgen looked at the weapons before her.  A pair of daggers.  A pair of fist weapons shaped like giant bear paws.  A staff carved into the shape of an owl with its wings spread wide.  And a large scythe that glowed like the moon.  With a pained look, she reached out a clawed hand and lightly touched the staff.  Before she could dwell too much on the pulsing energy flowing from nature that hummed within the wood, she quickly wrapped up the weapons save the scythe into a blanket and tied it shut.  It would be a long journey and she couldn’t afford to lose them.

Grabbing the scythe, she turned back to the Night elf.  Elcinryge flashed her a grim smile before pulling his hood back down.  Baring her teeth in a cruel smirk she nodded.

“You’re right.  It’s time to focus on the Broken Shore.  What happens to Suramar City and it’s Citizens after the fall of the Nighthold will have to be up to the Nightfallen and the residents of Suramar.  We can’t do it for them.  To the next adventure.”

(7.2 tomorrow!  Who’s ready?!)

Druid musings

Some friends and I have been talking about Role Play the last few days.  And that of course means my mind has wandered into the land of “What would Silent do?” Or Druids in general.

How do Druid’s sleep?

Wailing Caverns showed Naralax in his elf form tossing and turning.  Elves I imagine don’t have too much of a problem crawling into a bed and falling asleep.


Once human.  Cursed with a form they couldn’t shift out of until the elves helped them but can’t actually fight or cast unless in Worgen form…

So are they comfortable sleeping in human form?  Worgen form?  How awkward would that feel?

And Worgen Druids?  Shifting through many forms.  What is the most comfortable?

I’m thinking my own Druid, who can’t even comprehend the Gilnean woman in the mirror if she isn’t in Worgen form would probably be just as uncomfortable crawling into a bed in an inn as a Worgen.  After all, we are a little awkward in our build. (Where is my tail?!)

That means that bear or cat at the footboard or on the carpet, that’d be me.

Yes this is where my mind wanders.  It’s curious about odd things.