Roles and Lore

And then suddenly the influx of druids we had are now….



… hunters?  What the?

Not really sure what’s going on now.  Not sure if all druids decided to switch or not, but Tuesday’s raid only had one druid in it…Serbear.  As a boomie.  Not a bear.  The heck?

Awesome news, I’ll be joining fellow GirlStreamer emixpemix on her stream as a guest on Saturday.  You might recognize her from hanging out in chat during my midday stream.  She’s across the pond and on Saturdays, usually right after my stream, she’s streaming and talking about the Warcraft lore.

The story is a big part of what hooked me to World of Warcraft in the first place and I used to be well versed in it.  I’m a tad rusty, but I’m really looking forward to this stream.  I’ll admit that this weekend’s topic, The War of the Ancients, isn’t one that I know a great deal about, but I’ve noticed, there’s a lot of current Legion content that deals with that event.  (Have you caught it?)

I hope you’ll join us!  3pm CST (10pm Em’s time!) on emixpemix’s channel.

Druid Magic

It’s possible my brain is trying to over think things, but it was running around and in the mood to be creative, but hit a bit of a snag.

How did the Gilneans become Druids?  Could they always be druids or did the magic manifest in them as a result of the stress of what was going on in the world?

It’s a question I posed on Twitter and haven’t really received an answer back about yet.

In Vanilla WoW, there was the Scythe of Elune quest.  It spanned both continents and told about a Scythe that created the curse that led to the Worgen and we can’t forget Shadowfang Keep with Argul and his experiments.  The Sons of Argul that were our first glimpses of the Worgen.

Fast forward to Cataclysm, Lore has changed a bit.  Just as the land.

I’ve always just assumed that with Deathwing sending the land into upheaval and that the shamans had already noticed something was terribly wrong with the elements, it’s possible the magical energies shifted and Gilneans realized they could tap in to it.

But thinking about it this weekend, that doesn’t make much sense.  The Shattering of Azeroth thanks to Deathwing doesn’t happen until after Gileans change and the Alchemist gives them the potion to be able to control their mind while being a Worgen.

Since we start the zone able to cast druid spells like Wrath, did the ability manifest to combat the growing curse of the worgen?  Or did we always have these abilities and didn’t know it?

Someone mentioned the night elves came and gave it to us, but that doesn’t fit either since they weren’t there at the beginning of the zone.  They start to show up halfway through and help us gain the two forms so we can switch back and forth, which they did do through Druidic arts, but by this point, we’ve been learning about how to be a druid for awhile.

Even more convoluted lore, in the Paragons book, Greymane illudes to the fact that he’s the reason for the curse becoming rampant as he used Argul to make his wolf men to combat the scourge invasion.  So if we gained abilities to deal with conflict, wouldn’t the Gilneans have gained these powers earlier?

What do you think?  How did the Gilneans become druids?  Even further, how do you think all the races became their classes?  Are magic users just born with it?  Or can they develop new skills over time?

Overcoming Disappointment

WoWScrnShot_072515_174354The last month, between what seems like weekly trips to the doctor and the news that Hellfire Citadel is the last raid for Warlords of Draenor, I’ve been pretty lacking in motivation to play.  It was disappointing.  6.2 and the expansion is done?  Not even a year in to it?

I realize a lot of people get really upset that the expansions last too long, but man, this one just seemed like it fell on its face.  It was actually pretty promising, but it felt like the story just fizzled out.  Nothing new really was added.  And yes, while my raid group is struggling to do any type of current content, having Mythic Raiding guilds clearing the new content within 10-14 days?  Seems a little lackluster to me.

The bonus weekends are interesting and Timewalking is appealing to me because some of those old dungeons, they really made them difficult and interesting.  Course it also means I’m getting booted out of groups because I can’t spam heals to an entire group to keep everyone alive because the DPS is insistent on pulling everything in the room instead of letting tanks make the calls and pulls.  (This is now a running joke, because the same group told me I wasn’t supposed to use Hots.  Who would have thought, I’ve been playing my druid all wrong this whole time!)

WoWScrnShot_072615_211549But seriously, I’ve just kind of become Meh with the whole thing.  I miss new content.  Unlike a lot of people, I really enjoyed Cataclysm.  I liked the progression of zones and the phasing.  I liked them adding in new Dungeons and a bit of a story at the end of the expansion.  I also really liked the Isle of Thunder in Mists of Pandaria where we had content released in batches and it dragged it out a bit.  Gave us something to do and build up to.  Even the us casual players could participate in the build up.

Now, we’re just kind of being chopped out.  Once we complete the content that’s there, that’s it.  We don’t get anything else.  Using LFR?  Well, you’re going to have to wait week by week to see it, even though Blizzard released all of it for the raiders that are clearing content and they might have made it easy enough for Mythic guilds to clear it within 2 weeks.

Truthfully, part of my frustration is coming from our own raid group.  I love all of them, but we’re so unbalanced between ranged and melee, and we still have plenty of people that aren’t pulling their own weight or getting any better week to week.  And then a bunch of people that had stopped coming for one reason or another just decided to pop up and get the Blackhand kill when we got to him.  I wanted to go nuclear on them for just riding coat tails at that point.

WoWScrnShot_072715_100539I’m also really tired of saying the same things week after week (“Stay out of the bad stuff on the ground.  Stop casting and move!”) and the same people just ignoring it and wondering why they die.  There’s also a few that have started to join us that like telling others how to play or what to do and I’m still telling them, “Hey, you need to pay attention and move…oh you’re dead.  Wonder why?” while they’re busy telling me how and who to battle rez.  I’m becoming a disgruntled Druid.  More so than usual.  It’s making me burn out pretty quick.

So yeah, I’ve been away from the game for a bit because it hasn’t been too much fun lately.

But I started back up with the Horde Druid again.  With the help of a buddy, I pushed through the Outland content and hit 70 this weekend.  I’m still completely over leveling, but I’m trying to make up for that by really looking into the Horde’s story from Wrath of the Lich King on.  Don’t think I ever did Howling Fjord, so I started there.

Forsaken.  Crazy mo’fo’s I tell ya!

WoWScrnShot_072715_093405I mean, I always knew, but seriously.  This is a bit different seeing the originations of the blight which I’m certain is leading up to the Wrath Gate.  (I’m getting close…I think.)

So the story is drawing me back a little bit, so that’s good.  Hopefully I won’t let her sit for another month like I did when I hit 60.

The differences in the coloration in spells/armor, like Incarnation: King of the Jungle and the Stormcrow.  I cannot wait until I get epic flying because I’ve always like the Tauren’s epic flight form.  That and I won’t be so bloody slow going every where. 🙂

Until then, I’m kind of happily plodding along.

Cheers friends!

Rounds around Karazhan

IMG_0049I mentioned I got the Music roll drop from the Opera event in Karazhan.  While I was there, I figured I’d clear the whole thing for fun.  I’ve already got the mount and the pets and I’m sure the tier set is sittting somewhere in my Void Storage.  (At least parts of the PVP set are in there.)

Karazhan was always one of my favorite places.  It’s one of those intensive raids that just had so much diversity in it.  The Opera event alone when you never really knew what you were going to get until Barnes started his speecch.  (We still make fun of Romulo’s cries of something.)  Some fights took an amazing quest to unlock the boss (Nightbane.)  Others took a lot of coordination and Crowd Control to work (Moroes.)  Not going to lie, star falling the entire banquett hall and watching Moroes and his buddies just keel over made me have some warm fuzzy feelings.

And who couldd forget the music?

The storyline, in and out of game always had me hooked as well.  The questline for the key and the how the Keepers of Time Dungeon Black Morass helped shed more light in game on some of the lore that’s told out of game and it previous games…

I could probably go on and on.  I really liked Karazhan.

Of course, there are a few things that gets you thinking in there.  I’m not sure I remember why there were so many people in there continually partying.  (This is the same thing I want to know about Black Temple as well.)  Which is what inspired  this tweet:

I’m talking about Netherspite.  Anyone else remember their raid leaders hollering about the beams?  (Nighbane’s story is actually told in the questline that unlocked him.)

I sent that out a few days ago and didn’t really think about I too much.  I did find my copy of the Warcraft Archive and started rereading it again.

This morning, I woke up with an unexpected response.


Touche’ Medivh.  Touche’!  I will be jumping back in to the Last Guardian tonight when we all get back home.

Cheers everyone!

IMG_0052(PS- Apologis for the terrible formatting.  Figured I would update while we’re having a giant family day out at my parent’s house.  We’re technically about an hour away from home, in a snow storm, with our giant husky, while my sister is in from Texas with her boyfriend and his family.  Really fun day, but I didn’t think through the inability to format properly while on my iPad.  Oops!  I promise I will fix it later.

PPS- Officially fixed!  Cheers!)