Stubborn Druid

WoWScrnShot_061117_122540Warcraftier had an awesome week of achievements in Nighthold.  Between Heroic and Normal, I think we got all but the final Spellblade one since you have to kite and kill her in three areas.  All that’s left is the shattered walkway for that annihilate screaming wench.

I took the hunter in for a test run and she really is a hell of a lot of fun to play.  I’ve technically been playing her all weekend trying to get the class mount, working on rep, and trying to finish out Suramar.

The class mount quest line was pretty amazing.  I’m kicking myself for not streaming it or having it recorded.  (Sorry guys.  Epic fail on my part.)  Loved running around in the dark in the hunting grounds stalking and shooting the spirits.  And of course, I love my Wolfhawk.

WoWScrnShot_061017_125255But I’m stubborn.  And I don’t want to jump ship on my Druid just yet.  While I’m not convinced that the changes in 7.2.5 will help in the least, I do enjoy the challenge of playing her.  The hunter is great to relax on.  Send in the pets and just aim and shoot.  Sure there’s a bit more to it, but I’m successfully soloing elites on the Broken shore with her thanks to her pets and just standing back.  (Another good reason why Druids are still broken compared to other specs.)

But like I said.  I’m stubborn and I enjoy the challenge.

And I’m not ready to give up on her yet.

Welcome to 7.2

It’s patch day!  It looks like servers will be down for most of the day and since Warcraftier has Heroic Nighthold starting at 7pm CST, the guild has recommended all of us use our time wisely to boost ourselves a bit more.

Curious what we’ll be doing?  Here’s what was recommended (Thanks to the Dreamgrove Druid Discord Resto Section, that got it from the Marksman Hunter Discord who got it from who knows where!):

  • Pick up weekly quest, but do NOT open weekly M+ cache.
  • Talk to Khadgar and complete Broken Shore scenario to unlock the zone.
  • Ignore all Legion Assaults in old zones and Broken Shore world quests if they have over an hour remaining as we’ll need to do them for quests later. (These will actually start the next week)
  • Pick up these three quests, “Seeking Lost Knowledge”, “Aalgen Points”, “Legionfall Supplies”
  • Complete the flight path unlock quests and skip the base building one.
  • Complete “Seeking Lost Knowledge” while you’re unlocking flight points
  •  Follow Khadgar’s questline so you can start artifact knowledge research immediately, and this questline also gives you AK 26 which is FOUR times as powerful as AK 25. (now you can open your m+ cache)
  • Head back to the broken shore and complete base building quest, choose whatever you want but note that to unlock the new appearances you need to access the mage tower – but the entire building is region wide so going with whatever is winning seems to be the best bet
  • Talk to Maiev and get a quest to complete the Legion Assaults – hop over and complete one (hence why you didn’t complete it earlier) – also complete the 3 people scenario associated
  • Talk to Khadgar and complete his questline to unlock new traits (requires you to have 36 or more traits)
  • There should pop up quests for Cathedral and one to unlock a new follower, but they aren’t consistent on PTR
  • After completing the follower questline you are able to research the new order hall traits – These will in total take 6 days to research and cost 25.000 order resources so start hoarding those if you don’t have them already.
  • Now get back to farming AP — ALL ABOARD THE NAGLFAR

Also a head’s up, while I haven’t streamed it in the past (because I felt like I was more of a hindrance when I jumped into Heroic Nighthold,) Warcraftier does have three to four active members who are streamers on Twitch.  Myself being one of them.  They’ve been very encouraging to stream whatever we’re up to, along with the schedule I have, and have helped me smooth some things out on my feed.

Tonight, I’ll start streaming the Balance Druid POV.  Granted, I’m still under geared compared to my guild mates, but we have music now and as always, I provide the sass and snark when I die.  🙂  Hope to see you there, starting at 7pm CST.

Let’s Talk about RP

For science!

Actually, for Role Play and a little project I’m working on, do me a favor and take a moment answer a few questions if you could.

How would you describe Role Playing in Video Games to a new/interested gamer?

What are the main things you think a new/interested gamer should know about RP before they try it out or jump right in?

Do you have any quick tips for a new/interested gamer to help them become a Role Player?

What are some things you wish you would have known when you rolled on an RP server or started RPing with your character?

Things I Learned This Weekend

Finally took some time to play a Demon Hunter this weekend.  Appel and I decided to level one together and stream it a bit.

While we didn’t finish them (as in get them to the regular quests in Broken Isles) here’s a few things we learned:

  1. Ilidan’s body was stolen?!  How did I miss this?!  Yeah, we’re grabbing pieces of his soul but how did I miss in the story line his body was snatched?!
  2. Demon hunters tried to put the Vault of the Warden’s back together…sort of.  (Glazer and that Fiery Behemoth dude that we froze on our way out.)
  3. I still feel like I missed something with Warden Cordana.  I realize she’s working with Gul’dan and we beat her up in the Vault of the Wardens, but how and when did she get corrupted by Gul’dan?  Where did I miss that bit
  4. Cyanna was worthless from the beginning.  (Got herself caught on our mission, then gave in to the Legion and turned traitor out in Azuna.)
  5. I feel absolutely screwed with Artifact Power between my Druid and Demon Hunter.  My druid has 4 weapons and specs to play with.  Demon hunters?  2.  Ugh.
  6. I will undoubtedly fel rush myself off a ledge at any given time.  It’s going to happen. A lot.
  7. Hey, it’s Altruis!  The Demon Hunter from Nagrand!  And man, he really pissed some folks off.  (We stopped right when he and Kayne started tearing each other apart.)

We’ll probably finish up the starter bits for the Demon Hunters later this week.  We had a lot of fun playing around with them and would have gone back to them last night if there wasn’t that thing called work to do.

Don’t forget that the For Azeroth event starts this week in Heroes of the Storm.  If you need help getting your games in, feel free to reach out to me!

The night before winter veil…

Originally posted 12/24/2014, I figured it was time for a repost.  Maybe this year I’ll write a Winter Veil aftermath story.  Enjoy! -Silent

“‘Twas the night before Winter Veil and all through the hall,
Not a guild mate was stirring, well no, not quite all.
The shoes were all stowed carefully out of reach of cat,
In hopes that the fund for guild repairs would stay intact.

Bear had hidden away for a slumber so deep,
While the Druid lady had pints with Shait in the keep…”

“Silent that isn’t how that is supposed to go,” the elf laughed at the worgen.

Silent peered at her friend as Shait struggled to get her laughter under control. “Well, it’s close and fits, doesn’t it?”

“I suppose,” she replied, thoughtfully. “No Winter Veil cheer this year?”

The worgen took another sip of her ale and shook her head. “I find myself longing for a day to myself, but I cannot get away. All these new friends we’ve made, they won’t leave the garrison! They always want me to send them out for things. They constantly want me to tell them what to do. I can’t even hide in the outhouse to get away from them.”

“Mm. Can’t argue with that. Irayna has been portaling all over the place for those Goblins at Smokeywood pastures. Something about pets or presents.”

“Mord swears the folks in his place want to leave, or maybe that is just because that gnome is friends with goblins.”

“Possibly,” the night elf replied. “Qale stopped by once. It’s a miracle we got him to stop punting everyone so they could have a Winter Veil.”

The two spent the next few moments envisioning the giant Pandaren Monk running around in a drunken haze punting goblins and gnomes alike. Silent could almost hear him declare “it’s good” as she watched an imaginary goblin sail over the imaginary wall in her mind.

“It really is strange,” Shait mused, “with all of these people to watch over, direct, and shelter. But I’m honored and humbled they stay.”

“We like it here,” Mordlet piped up, making Silent jump. That blasted gnome had a habit of popping up out of nowhere. No wonder Qale liked to punt him.

“Anyone know if we should be getting our new found friends and followers gifts?” He continued, pulling a mug towards him.

Shait and Silent shared a look of alarm as both of them realized they hadn’t even considered that possibility.

“I’ll send over some armaments we’ve been stockpiling for awhile,” another voice said. Dereus had found them and slid into a chair to join them. “Who doesn’t enjoy a new weapon?”

The four giggled and passed around another flagon of ale.

“I hope everyone likes what I got them,” he said as they all took another sip of ale.

“Repair money?” Mord asked. Dereus chuckled as Silent patted the gnome fondly.

“It’s the eve of Winter Veil. The garrisons are bustling with festivities and this, is perfect.”

“How so?” Shait asked.

“This right here. Everyone sharing in a brief moment of peace,” the paladin continued. “I wouldn’t trade this.”

“Nor I,” Mord said.

Shait shook her head. “Wouldn’t trade this for anything.”

“To friends and family,” Silent toasted, raising her mug.

“Friends and family,” they agreed.

“You going to rewrite that poem,” Shait asked.

The worgen shook her head. “Nope. Going to enjoy each and every moment with you guys.”

Happy Winter Veil to all and to all a good night.


“Azeroth?!” the worgen blurted out incredulously.  “You’re sending me to Azeroth?  Why? When there is so much  left on these Isles we haven’t looked in to already.  Why Azeroth?”

“Call it a hunch” Shait replied, but Silent heard the uncertainty in her voice.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

“There’s been rumors of Horde movement,” Mordrius said softly.

“They’ve been moving here or haven’t you noticed?” she snapped back.

“Think of it as checking our rear as we advance.  There are few in our ranks that know the Basin, Gulch, and Valley like you.  Poke around and find out if they are rebuilding forces back home or if they’re truly invested against the Legion.  Things just aren’t quite adding up out in the field.”

Silent drummed her claws against the wooden table as she mulled over her orders.

It was true, she did spend plenty of time engaged in battle with the Horde, either as a healer tending her allies or by unleashing the Moonkin within upon them.  Even bear enjoyed joining the fray.  The hooves of the stag and paws of the cheetah had covered those grounds many times now.  Perhaps the eyes of the Worgen would see something they missed in the heat of battle.

Those amber eyes caught the quick look the two elves gave each other as she had thought it over.

“And?” she pressed.  “There’s more, isn’t there?”

Shait let out a heavy sigh and sat back down.

“You’ve been having fits again,” she said slowly.  “You’ve been talking in your sleep again.  About Gilneas.”

“Have you been dreaming?” Mordrius asked.

The Worgen blinked.  She was stunned but shook her head.

“No.  None that I recall.  And I remember nothing of Gilneas.  Nothing before the battle with the Forsaken, but even then Cat and Bear were in control and  I had been with the curse for awhile then.”

“Something is trying to be remembered,” Shait said.  “And I think bear is trying to protect you from it.  She reduced one of the mess hall tables to kindling when she up ended it.  I haven’t seen her, or any of your forms for that matter, solidly in control for years.  I didn’t see any trace of you in her eyes.”

The Worgen’s eyes widened in fear. It had taken so many years for them all to find a balance and harmony to work together.  Bear had  been the most willing to pull them all together.  What could have happened to make her take over?

“When was this?”

“Three nights ago.  The sleep talking has been increasing in volume the last month.  You had been screaming before bear broke through, ” Mordrius explained.

“I’m your commanding officer,” Shait said, “but I’m your friend as well. As a friend, I think you need to look in to this.”

“You know I don’t want to hurt anyone here, right?”

“I do and I don’t think you would if it came to it,” she replied.

“But as my Commander, you can’t let me hurt anyone,” Silent softly finished for her.  Mordrius sadly  lowered his gaze to the table.

“Something is fighting to break free, Silent.  It must have a reason.  Just in case we’re wrong, I want your claws pointed at a worthy target.”

“The Horde,” Silent snorted.

“Go to Gilneas,” Shait encouraged.  “Commune with Bear.  Seek out the Bear Spirit in Moonglade if Bear is being unhelpful.  And keep me updated with your findings.  You can do this  There will still be plenty of demons waiting for you when you come home.”

Phoenix Patrols

“We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one, eh?” -Eleventh Doctor

Phoenix PatrolsA short story set in the World of Warcraft.

“Demonic activity in the Broken Isles is becoming more frequent.”  Shait’s voice was tired but still held an edge of command.  “The Legion isn’t stopping and we’re still unclear if this is just a fraction of their full power or not.  Until we know, we can’t risk losing anyone.”

It was true.  After the death of their King, Varian Wrynn, no one was certain if Gul’dan and The Burning Legion were just toying with them or slowly breaking them.

The threat of the demons overrunning the Broken Isles and in turn, the rest of Azeroth was their main worry, but the druids in the guild had other worries they had been working to combat.

The Nightmare that had once been contained within the Emerald Dream had grown tremendously.  Whether from the influence of the demons or unknown reasons, they were fighting a war within the dream to keep it from spilling over into the world.  The Druids had taken a mighty blow with the loss of many of their most prominent leaders to the corruption.  While the Dragons that had once guarded the dream had been corrupted long ago and had always been beyond saving, losing the great bear Ursoc and the Ancient Guardian Cenarius, Lord of the Forest and the patron god of all druids.  Malfurian Stormrage had been working closely with the druids in the Dreamgrove and through his help, Shait, Mordrius and Silentsong had been able to take the others in Phoenix from the Ashes into the Nightmare to launch their own counter attacks.

Much to Shait and Silent’s dismay, Ursoc was beyond saving, but there was still hope for Cenarius.  There was a sliver of hope they could still reach his mind and pull him from the corruption, but it was difficult.

They were stretched thin, but they were resilient.  They hadn’t broken yet and while suffering from the same exhaustion as Shait did, they had no plans to let any of the threats before them break them.

“From here on out, all patrols on the isles will utilize the buddy system.  We’re stronger together.  I want us watching each other’s backs out there.  Last thing we need is lose contact with you due to an ambush.  Besides, two sets of eyes are better than one.”

“What about in the city in Suramar?” Dereus asked, shoving a mop of brown hair out of his eyes.

“That place is a nest of vipers,” Silent growled through her canines.  “Between demons, Nightborne, Withered, and rampaging devilsaurs, that place is hardly a walk in the park, even with the disguises their Nightfallen resistance provides us.”

Those around the table nodded in agreement.  They still had a few members recovering from fel fire burns and deep spell blade wounds from their last trip in to the city.

“And we’re no closer to discovering the full intentions of the city or the Nightfallen,” Mordrius confessed, feathers falling from his head as he shook it sadly.  “Perhaps teams of at least three?  More is good, but not so many to call attention to our movements there.”

A murmur of agreement went up around the table.

“Very well.  Teams of three within that hell hole,” Shait said.  Her glowing eyes fell to the map in front of her.  “Dereus, you and Dante head to Azuna.  Check in with the blue dragons first.  Try to get an update from Stellagosa about the activity of the naga and withered in the northern region.  Help where you can.  Be sure to inquire about her grandfather’s health and if there is anything we can do.  After you’re done in the north, swing down to check on our undead elf friends.

“Ariebell and Cissarah will take Stormheim.  Genetics and Dungot will go to High Mountain.  Mordrius and I will take double duty.  We’ll check in with the Druids in Val’sharah before heading to Suramar.  Dismissed.”

Silent’s ears flicked at the noise of chairs scraping as the majority of the guild departed.

“Have I done something wrong?” she asked, a note of frustration creeping in to her tone.

“No.  It’s just…”  The two elves looked at each other uncertainly before Shait spoke up.  “We need you to go back to Azeroth.”