Poetry Corner: Sell Yourself

Sell yourself

“She reminds me of you
But she sells it.”
That feels like an insult.
Should it?

What exactly are you trying to say?
It’s okay to be myself
If I do it for show?
Only to sell a business?
Or an idea?

Am I not able to express
Interest in my passions
Unless I’m getting paid?
Or is she faking her own interests
Just for a profit?

Is one of us right
And the other wrong?
Do you wish I was her?
Or her me?

Instead of leaving me with these never ending questions.
Or a desperate need to prove my worth
And justify my existence.

Poetry Corner: Young Fire-starters

Young Fire-starters

I want to steal your kisses
And fall in your arms.
Let’s stay up late
Laughing until the sun comes up.
I want to listen to your favorite songs
and watch your eyes shine
as the notes bring you visions
of the adventures of your younger self.

I want to feel
your hand in mine.
That solid feeling of you and I
Where it’s us against the world
And the World can’t even begin to touch us
because we’re young
and desperately in love.

But we’re older now
and the world is a little louder now.
But your hand is still in mine
And our love still sends up sparks
Leaving wildfires in our wake.

Poetry Corner: Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

I will stand at the edge of the bridge
holding a pack of matches
just shy of an eternity
dealing out second chance after second chance.

But when enough is enough,
I’ve been pushed too far,
And that line as been crossed again,
For the last time,
I won’t just burn the bridge down.
I’ll torch every construction company
and search and rescue crews
To ensure that there’s no hope of coming back
from that pile of rubble we’ve created between us.

Dysfunctional Couples Gaming

Had a chance to game a bit with the husband last night.  We even got most of it streamed. (My broadcast software crashed about halfway through a game of Heroes of the Storm.)

You can catch a recap of it over on my Twitch Channel.

I really should set up a proper schedule and stream more.  I have fun with it, even if I probably look and feel a bit awkward.

Truthfully, I should watch some more streamers, but I’m not sure who to watch.  (That and about halfway through, I want to start playing the game and end up swapping over.  LOL)

A good night’s sleep

Sometime soon I’ll get one.  Possibly.  Hopefully.

Between the neck issues, Raid Dog always waking me up, alarms still being set on days off, my brain not being able to shut off…most nights are a jumbled mess of an hour or two here and there.

Today included.

At least it’s because Appel and I checked out the Red Hot Chili Peppers last night.  Technically, it was supposed to be on Sunday night so I would have had the day off to recover, but due to the ice storm, the show was pushed back a day.

I’m dragging a lot today, but it was worth it.  Fun show.  They didn’t play as many of their hits as I thought they would, but all in all, still a great day.

(Sorry I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked.  Phone just would not hang with me all night and it apparently doesn’t want to charge in the car.  😦 )

Character Tome 2017: Pt 3

equipment-listAs we continue looking at the character tome I fashioned up for 2017, an important part (also one of my favorite bits) was making an equipment or weapons list.  Basically a look at my skills.  What I bring to the table.

Again, I left myself a lot of room to add to this.  Another 2 pages to be exact.

As much as I hate talking myself up, it was good to lay down a list of things I can do and look at some things that I know I can improve upon.

I’m hoping to add to this list over the year with wanting to learn Photography.

What would your list look like?  What are you hoping to “equip” this year?