Poetry Corner: Sell Yourself

Sell yourself

“She reminds me of you
But she sells it.”
That feels like an insult.
Should it?

What exactly are you trying to say?
It’s okay to be myself
If I do it for show?
Only to sell a business?
Or an idea?

Am I not able to express
Interest in my passions
Unless I’m getting paid?
Or is she faking her own interests
Just for a profit?

Is one of us right
And the other wrong?
Do you wish I was her?
Or her me?

Instead of leaving me with these never ending questions.
Or a desperate need to prove my worth
And justify my existence.

Poetry Corner: Map to Serenity

I long for serenity,
For stillness.
A peace that I’m not sure I could recognize
If it ever introduced itself to me.
My mind is a flurry of activity,
A swirling vortex of grocery lists.
Things to do.
Things I haven’t done.
Mistakes made.
Hopes, Dreams, and fears.
Maybe I need an outlet,
A hobby?
A God?
A retreat in nature.
But if I can’t conjure or recognize peace within me,
How will I ever be able to find it roaming around out there?

Advice from a Friend

Advice from a Friend

I am not a “yes” girl.

I am not a “smile and nod,”

“Hope it turns out alright,” lady.

I am not a “sit back and watch you fall” kind of person.
Whatever gave you the impression

That my job

My role as a friend,

As a compassionate human being

Is to tell you what you want to hear?

To tell you “you’re right,”


When you ask me for my opinion?
If you already have a plan in mind,

If you’re going to do it anyways

Regardless of what anyone suggests

You do not want advice, so be honest.

You want an ego boost.
My time.

My concern.

My thoughtfulness.

My advice will not always be what you want to hear

But people who genuinely care about others,

Will be the ones that to challenge you,

To help you,

So you won’t make the same mistakes they have.