Out of Gas

Not sure what I did to over extend myself, but man.  All weekend I was pretty convinced I could go to bed by 5 o’clock and sleep until the next day.

The reality was that if I did that, I’d be up by Midnight, so of course I couldn’t do that.

But it seems to be carrying over into the week.  Even yesterday, 4pm seemed like a good time for a snooze fest.

Who’s with me?


Not gonna lie, it’s been a really crazy week out of game.  A lot of changes around the home that I’ve tried really hard not to bring in to game.

Without going in to details, it does look like things are looking up, so that’s something at least.

With all the bleh going on out of game, it has put me into a weird sleeping habit again.  Random naps during the day and up pretty much all night.

It also means I’m pretty capable of mindless farming.  I knocked out the Noblegarden Mount and Pet chocolate collecting on the little hunter and made another notch in the mount farming tally belt.  Even started working in earnest on that white raptor out on the Isle of Giants.  Got 1/3 of the way there before I felt the isle was too crowded for my tastes.  Realized I’m still missing one of the Primal Raptors too, so fingers crossed that that last one will hatch in the egg I picked up in three days.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.55.35 PMIn a strange turn of events, I sent pets to Qale today thanks to the Isle farming.  All three little Oondasta looking pets and the little dire horn.  I’m not quite used to having all those drop and not know what to do with them.  🙂

I’ve been alt hopping most of the day and since I can’t sleep, I’ve found myself in Shadowmoon Valley, again.  After all these years, I do have to say that I’m still in awe of the scenery in World of Warcraft.