The day I called my raid leader ugly

Jargon.  A noun.  Meaning: the technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity or group sports jargon

I usually think about jargon when it comes to tech.  Most things that people who are really good with computers and such say goes right over my head.

No matter your profession though, we all have some type of Jargon we’re versed in.

Talking about the stations I listen to and have worked for over the years, when it comes to their actual formats and programming, I lose my parents when I start spouting off CHR, AC, Hot AC, etc.  They can’t follow that.  But since I’ve been around it for 12+ years, it’s second nature to me.

And it gets me in trouble.

If you didn’t catch it on stream, or here, I’m a voice artist.  I talk for a living.  A lot.  And I work a bit in radio.  Hence the format jargon above.

And this wonderful little gem from the other day.

Our raid leader, Co-GM of Warcraftier, and also fellow streamer Serickson/Serbear finally got a webcam!  Since he knows about what I do out of game (see the above) he had me check out his stream a bit to work on some of the audio levels.

I gave him some advice.  Told him to ditch the webcam mic.  And we checked back a couple days later to see where the levels were while using a different mic.  Was the balance there with the music in the background, Discord, his mic, etc.

And me…firmly situated in my audio nerd zone pops back on my mic, telling him how much better it sounds.  It all sounds great, but he could stand to be hotter.

To which Discord goes silent.


In my audio nerd zone, of course I’m talking about his Microphone.  The levels need to be higher for his voice to be on the same level as Discord voices.  Hotter in this case is referring to the sensitivity of the microphone.

But they don’t know that.

Very seriously I was asked if I was telling Ser that he’s ugly.

And now we have a mortified Druid.

He was a pretty good sport about it.  Still funny though.  And mortifying.  But funny.

Let’s Not Celebrate

I really hoped I’d have some awesome Cards Against Humanity pairs from the family to post up today.  It’s one of my favorite games, even though I’m struck with how terrible of a human being I can be.

Okay, maybe a not so right human being.  Someone with an odd sense of humor.

But it didn’t happen.  No one was interested in spending my birthday celebration this way or heck, even really staying for anything besides a quick lunch.


Can’t leave politics at the damn door for lunch and can’t spend an hour afterwards playing a game with the whole family because family doesn’t want to or leaves.

Cake was good though, so there’s that.

I should probably stop agreeing to a family birthday.  It’s fine for everyone else.  We all go out and do what they want.  But for me?  It just never ends well and I’m miserable most of the time either doing what everyone else wants me to do, or getting let down from the lack of interest in actually doing what I want to do.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.