Is it really necessary

PSA moment.

We’re all gamers here.  We all enjoy our games for various reasons.

And there are times we get a little to in to what we’re doing.  We get excited.  We get frustrated.  We’re in the moment and get caught up in it.

But where’s the line?  Is there one?

How about if you verbally attack someone that isn’t playing the way you play?  Especially after games have ended.

Aren’t games supposed to be fun?  Isn’t that their purpose?  Entertainment?

When did attacking other players outside of a game become acceptable?  Is that your entertainment?

It shouldn’t be.  And no, it should never be acceptable.

Let people play for fun.  Not everyone is playing with the goal of pro in mind.  Some people are playing to blow off steam.  To relax.  To, /gasp, have fun.  What a novel concept, right?

If and when someone upsets you in game, or isn’t performing to your standards/playing on your level, take a breath first and realize that if you go after another player in and out of game, that act is worse than one or two bad matches in a video game.  And it says a heck of a lot more about your lack of character than theirs if you follow through with being a dick out of game.

We’re all gamers.  Let’s be good to each other, okay?

❤ Scruffy

Poetry Corner: Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges

I will stand at the edge of the bridge
holding a pack of matches
just shy of an eternity
dealing out second chance after second chance.

But when enough is enough,
I’ve been pushed too far,
And that line as been crossed again,
For the last time,
I won’t just burn the bridge down.
I’ll torch every construction company
and search and rescue crews
To ensure that there’s no hope of coming back
from that pile of rubble we’ve created between us.

Irrational Fear #042617

The guys: “We should get the band thing going again and start booking more shows.  Would you be on board with that?”

Me in my head: “I’m a 30 something chick with a neck/shoulder issue that isn’t getting any better.  How badly can I hurt myself doing this?”

Me aloud: “Absolutely.”

Seriously though.  I already made it hurt worse a few practices ago just by bobbing my head to the beat.  Are there any cases out there of someone’s head flying off due to head banging or jumping around too much?