Out of Gas

Not sure what I did to over extend myself, but man.  All weekend I was pretty convinced I could go to bed by 5 o’clock and sleep until the next day.

The reality was that if I did that, I’d be up by Midnight, so of course I couldn’t do that.

But it seems to be carrying over into the week.  Even yesterday, 4pm seemed like a good time for a snooze fest.

Who’s with me?

Scruffy After Hours: Get a Mace

Things that keep me up at night #102

If you have a glass cube, like that of a box or cage, but with no doors or latches or lids…where is the best place to hit it to make it crack?  Would that be the middle of a side or at a join between two walls?

Could a bat do the trick or should I grab a morning star type of mace so that there is a puncture in the glass before the true impact?

I’m thinking that the mace wins.