The day I called my raid leader ugly

Jargon.  A noun.  Meaning: the technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity or group sports jargon

I usually think about jargon when it comes to tech.  Most things that people who are really good with computers and such say goes right over my head.

No matter your profession though, we all have some type of Jargon we’re versed in.

Talking about the stations I listen to and have worked for over the years, when it comes to their actual formats and programming, I lose my parents when I start spouting off CHR, AC, Hot AC, etc.  They can’t follow that.  But since I’ve been around it for 12+ years, it’s second nature to me.

And it gets me in trouble.

If you didn’t catch it on stream, or here, I’m a voice artist.  I talk for a living.  A lot.  And I work a bit in radio.  Hence the format jargon above.

And this wonderful little gem from the other day.

Our raid leader, Co-GM of Warcraftier, and also fellow streamer Serickson/Serbear finally got a webcam!  Since he knows about what I do out of game (see the above) he had me check out his stream a bit to work on some of the audio levels.

I gave him some advice.  Told him to ditch the webcam mic.  And we checked back a couple days later to see where the levels were while using a different mic.  Was the balance there with the music in the background, Discord, his mic, etc.

And me…firmly situated in my audio nerd zone pops back on my mic, telling him how much better it sounds.  It all sounds great, but he could stand to be hotter.

To which Discord goes silent.


In my audio nerd zone, of course I’m talking about his Microphone.  The levels need to be higher for his voice to be on the same level as Discord voices.  Hotter in this case is referring to the sensitivity of the microphone.

But they don’t know that.

Very seriously I was asked if I was telling Ser that he’s ugly.

And now we have a mortified Druid.

He was a pretty good sport about it.  Still funny though.  And mortifying.  But funny.

Stormy Peace…Also known as, I did a thing

For about 12 hours, I successfully had my raiding mojo back.  This Winter storm (which isn’t doing crap in Kansas, btw) kept our guild/raid leaders away from home on Monday and for a scary night, that left me in charge.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure we’d have enough people to pick it up and continue since we only had 9 confirmed on the invite and two of those were the leads that couldn’t make it, but somehow we had more than enough, got the tank spot covered.

Boring details aside, we did good.  One shot of Heroic Kargath, one shot Twins normal, two shot of Ko’ragh, 30-40 minutes on Imperator with attempts that saw him down to 34%.  Got the ranged working well and moving well during that fight and have a pretty solid idea what we can do next time to get him closer to dead.  Folks got some decent upgrades.  We even walked away with an achievement on Ko’ragh (Pair Annihilation) that we weren’t shooting for.  (Yeah for blind good luck?)

Yes, I accidentally wiped us on trash after Ko’ragh.  I’ll happily own up to that.  I really thought they had pulled since I was dealing with the Master Loot things, but if the Main Tank is laughing about it, I usually laugh with him and don’t worry about it.

But at the end of the night, I was relaxed, happy, laughing…generally feeling pretty good.  I didn’t snap like I had been the last couple of times in there.  It was a good change for me.

And then the morning came and we recapped the night to the leads and I was left walking away feeling like an utter failure and jerk.

Bottom line is, I have the utmost respect for my Raid leaders.  She’s the top druid.  (Even though my phone defaults it to Too Druid, because it’s just that dumb.)  She takes a lot of crap and the fact she can stay quiet through the majority of it, my hat is off to her.

I really should take a page from her book.  People that don’t play other classes like tanks or healers won’t understand the loot issues we’re facing at the moment.  The two biggest obstacles we’re facing are Spirit related (yes some people still don’t realize that healers only get a few pieces of gear that Spirit is on, so our regen is terribly low until we get those pieces) and the lumped loot pool that ignores gear specialization when it comes to Tanks and Healers with damage specs.  I’ve heard that in 6.1 they are trying to address this issue for the tanks and healers, but I haven’t had a chance to really dig up confirmation on that.

Bottom line, it’s tough.  It’s not as easy as a one role class.  It gets more complicated when we’re using gear that works for both specs, or swapping pieces out all the time to be able to do both roles (damage and healer/tank) to quest or group.

It’s always pretty easy to see the problem, but fixing it, or doing something about it, well, that’s another story.

Oh well.

Anywho, I was all set to write a pretty favorable review of raiding yesterday morning and by mid morning, I was pretty down trodden about it all again.  So down, I did all my garrison crap.  😀  And I got my hunter to level 50.  Pew pew?

Raid’s in 4 hours.  Wonder if I’ll be back from dinner in time?  And what type of experience it’ll be?  At least it always keeps me guessing.  😀